It would have happened at many times in your life when you noticed that the other person just spoke the words you were about to speak just a second before you were going to at some special occasion.

Or sometimes, you can find someone just being successful using the same idea which you were thinking of. It happens in life. And the main reason behind the superfast response of that other person and you is "Your hesitation." Your hesitation for a moment can make you a runner up in the race of your life or can stop you from your greatest victory.

Yes, we all have had noticed such experiences or even many times during our lives. There are many stories which tell us not to hesitate even for a moment. It can stop you to lead, make you behind of someone who shed hesitation for the moment, or just ruin your desires to be successful in some particular field.

The lessons tells us that whenever any idea clicks our mind go for it at that very moment. Whether it's of speaking any point to the public in front of you, whether of acting on it, do it instantly or even if it has to be postponed for the future, just jot down it and you will notice the difference yourself. If there is any time which can make you successful, it's NOW, just go for it.

Here's a great story demonstrating the same lesson.

Did you know Edwin C Aldrin?

May be, some of you.

But most of you must probably be knowing Neil Armstrong.

It's the story about these two great personalities. But only few knew about the name of the former, where as the later is well-known to the world.

Neil Armstrong was the first person to step his foot on the moon.

But, do you know who was supposed to be that 1st person?  Many don’t know…

His name was Edwin C Aldrin…

He was the pilot for the Apollo mission. He was working for the American Airforce. Moreover he had experience of space walking, hence selected as the pilot.

Where as Neil Armstrong worked for the American Navy. He was selected for his courage as co-pilot.

But what happened between the the things changed?

Want to know the whole story? Read it here.

Published by Shivani Gupta