'My mood changes with the change in the natural elements -Ism'

Nature is the best teacher one could ever have but at the same time it is also an amazing friend which is just so adventurous .It loves introducing us to different situations and one such situation which every human being ( as well as other beings in the earth ) has to witness is none other than 'Seasons'. Seasons are one of the most striking features of this earth, it is also an interesting  area of study if one ever as the zest .

Amongst the various seasons which we come across, Monsoon or the rainy season is one of the most amazing seasons because it brings in so much of life to the things around us The rain dances of not just the human beings but also other beautiful creatures like the peacock (It's such an awesome sight to look at!),Sailing the paper boats across the small streams formed from the rain , jumping in puddles and not to forget having a scoop of ice-cream with a cup of coffee . Wow! it's just mind boggling .

Since it's monsoon in various parts of the world and especially in country like India ,inspiration just soars in for me to jot down some poems.

Poem 1:  Monsoon showers

first monsoon shower

fresh emeralds arises 

happy faces seen .

Poem 2: Puddles

stagnation prevails ,

fragrance and odor arise

enthusiasts spread.

The above two poems are written in the 'Haiku' form .For those who don't know about it - It's a traditional type of poetry which is used in Japanese poems ,It consists of just 3 lines with 5-7-5  or 6-7-6  syllable count .

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Until the next article... 'Happy Haiku Time ' :)


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