Depression will wrap its claws around your neck and whisper friendly reminders of why you're alone in this world. Too often do I hear the faint and mournful calls of a small child buried withing myself. Every time I rush desperately to the screeching sound a desperate child. Only to be greeted By by a monster that smells of death and despair. Lost in His bloodshot eyes at which stare at me with the darkest intentions. I stand paralyzed at what I'm seeing. A shadowy character of which reflects my own deepest and darkest memories. I look down at this kid, and I can see a beautiful light that which shines love and laughter. This kid is scared and terrified of this monster that stands behind this kid with his hands placed so seductively on his shoulders. This kid is me. Shocked that I am running to save myself from this monster, but I still stand paralyzed.

Things in life are challenging, and things in life can be hard, just try to push on. Some days will bring incredible pain and others will bring complete joy. We often loose our inner child to many demons. Hold on to your inner child, remember to be goofy and innocent. Lastly Just push on and don't look back. Truly Yours, Mister Ho.


Published by Branden Ho