My day in Lindau, Bodensee (Lake Constance) was serendipitously filled with music. As I explored the beautiful island that's the most southerly point of Germany, I'd walked into one of the churches, and I was greeted with a choir's beautiful music resonating through the halls. I had stood in the plaza when two churches had their bells ringing a perfect 4th apart from one another (F# and B, if you wanted to know), but these were somehow never at the same time. Later in the day, I walked into another church, and was graced by the same choir. This time, their music was more solemn and sombre, and because it was a smaller church, every cadence hung in the air. Their love for making and sharing music made me cry within 5 minutes of listening to them. I'd love to go church hopping with a choir one day.

Later in the day while I was deciding on a restaurant to eat dinner, I was sold when I saw a quartet of musicians from Alicante, Spain. They were dressed in traditional Andalusian clothing (think red, gold, black and white with sequins and embroidery). They graced the public with their mandolin and classical guitar playing, and their harmonies. With cheerful flamenco music, a waterfront view of Bodensee and the boats docked in the harbour, I was a happy girl.

I wanted to watch Carmen on the harbour as part of Brezenger Festspiele. Imagine catching a boat that crosses the border to Brezenger, Austria, watch the opera, and then return back to Germany at midnight. Sounds like such a fairytale! Unfortunately I wasn't organised enough to do my research beforehand, so tickets were already sold out for that day.

I did manage to catch an advertisement for a brass concert at one of the churches, so I thought: "Why not?". While the church acoustics weren't built for brass bands, I got to enjoy the concert like how everyone else enjoyed it. As a musician, I have to admit that we've been trained to critique and analyse the music that I listen to, but this concert wasn't for that. Everyone was just there for the diverse genres of music that brass instruments were capable of.

I feel so lucky to have been blessed by beautiful music. I really hope that you'll all visit Lindau one day, or just Bodensee in general. Even if it's not for the music, the vibe of this tiny island just makes you relax.


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