If you enjoy the thought of a relaxing afternoon on the beach or if you wish to spend a fun-filled day with your family and friends - Santa Cruz beach in California is a perfect place to be. The largest city in the Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz is located towards the northern end of Monterey Bay. Located at a distance of 75 miles south from San Francisco and 32 miles south from the Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz beach is a perfect tourist spot that has been attracting visitors from far and wide. With a vast beach, long pier, exciting amusement park, family picnic areas, variety of food joints and hotels, this beach has loads of fun in its stock. A favorite location for local folks and a much-visit destination for national visitors and international tourists, Santa Cruz beach has a rich history to its name.

     As local folks of the Bay Area, our frequent visits to Santa Cruz beach have made permanent records in our travel diaries. From accompanying our guests to enjoying quick breaks on a weekend, both I and my husband look forward to the opportunity of visiting this water wonder.

   Favorable climate, huge area, clean beach and exciting activities are some of the highlights of this spot that has something for everyone. Whether you like to walk over the pier or lie down on the beach, whether you like surfing or gorging on some exciting food items, the beach has it all.

 Santa Cruz Wharf, Beach and Boardwalk can turn into entertaining experiences for the entire family.


Santa Cruz Wharf:  Santa Cruz Wharf is the pier that poses as a long, historical, wooden bridge to walk over the blue waters. It houses few restaurants and shops for a quick coffee break or delicious cuisines and meals. The pier has options of fresh sea food, besides wine tasting locations with a fantastic view of the sea. Gift shops and visitor centers allow visitors to gather remarkable memories of the trip with their wide range of merchandise.

    Offering picturesque view of the sea and providing ideal spots for photography are not the only features of this pier. The end of pier has a sea-lion watching area, where several sea lions relax and enjoy the weather of the beach. Several companies offer cruise services with variety of options in terms of food, duration, price and experience. Watching the setting sun and spotting marine animals like whales, otters and sea lions are some of the best moments of these cruise trips.


Santa Cruz beach:


Huge stretches of fine sand, big waves and numerous people on the shore are some of the interesting factors of the beach. A famous spot for surfing, kayaking and swimming, this beach hosts several surfing competitions all year round. The beach is equally enjoyed by people of all age groups as everyone look forward to experience its ambiance. Santa Cruz beach is also famous for the sport of beach volley ball as several players can be seen on the shore.

   Watching sunset over the sea is truly one of the best experiences of this location that never fails to surprise. Every season has some interesting adventures for the patrons. Though summer is the most appropriate season to visit the beach, it looks equally amazing during fall, winter and spring.


Santa Cruz Boardwalk: 

The most happening piece of entertainment for the entire family, Santa Cruz Boardwalk is one mile-long path of great fun. A long stretch of amusement park with fantastic view of the sea, this entertainment hub hosts several rides and games. Roller coaster, sea swings, freefall, tornado, pirate ships are some of the exciting thriller rides for the entire family. It also offers some special rides for the little guests. Besides outdoor rides, Boardwalk has several indoor video games. By purchasing a Boardwalk card for the entire day, one can recharge the amount and experience all its fun.

   Indoor golf, laser tag, casino arcade are some other attractions on the Boardwalk. Beach parties, open movie screening and live shows during special days are added features of this place that ensures entertainment for all. Besides the fun and thrill, this Boardwalk takes good care of the appetite. From ice-creams, candies, cones, pretzels, hot dogs, coffee, cold drinks, pizza, sandwiches and burgers, the food joints have everything on their menu.

  Surrounding areas near the beach have several hotels, motels, inns and rental apartments to offer the best staying experience to their visitors.

  A complete fun-filled tourist spot for all, Santa Cruz should definitely be a part of your California bay area itinerary. 

Published by Lavanya