Expectations of sweeping changes that we think will come with a new broom can end up falling flat.

Simply changing who sits in the ‘hot seat’ has no bearing on anything.

If you want lasting change, you are in the ‘hot seat’ not the others.

The fundamental influences on how things happen in the world do not change by putting a different person in the White House.

The influences on the way the world is run start with us and what we choose to do.

All society is controlled by a tiny few that hold the perceived power by using myths like money, laws, policies and so on to keep order. They stay there until enough of us don’t subscribe to their myths anymore and bring in new ones.

You and I choose the myths to follow or not.

Donald Trump is not the myth maker, he is an agent of the myth makers, as was Obama.

The new broom in the White House will sweep the same as all the previous ones. Real change comes from what we do and myths we accept or not.

If we want change, then subscribe to different myths or create some new ones.

Published by Philip Dodson