I always knew I was in love with California. It was a love affair that I imagined in my head for far too long without every having experienced it. It was like having a crush on a dreamy blue-eyed celebrity that, although you may never actually get a taste of what life with them would be like, you are secretly wishing that they would whisk you away to live happily ever after. Kinda like me and dear ol’ Cali. I just knew that I wanted to live in LA despite the horrendous traffic because even with that, it would be totally worth it.

I had only been to California a handful of times. Those times were spent visiting Disneyland throughout my youth with the occasional beach visit, Seaworld, and Legoland. One time was spent living the misadventures as one of three birthday girls who spent time with their best friends while staying with the cute guy who lived 2 blocks away from Mission Beach with his bearded brother. Although a fun experiene experience, I was in San Diego for that adventure. It made me develop a major crush on the city of San Diego. Actually, I suppose I had visited LA before, but it wasn’t to experience the best parts that the city had to offer. I was on a trip with my youth group for our church to visit the Dream Center located near Skid Row. Our time was spent helping others, which is honestly one of the absolute best times of my life, a very humbling experience. With that, I had never visited Beverly Hills, ventured off to the Hollywood sign or even driven down Rodeo Drive. Aren’t these all rights of passage when visiting the seemingly never-ending borderlines containing the City of Angels?

There was a lot of ground covered in my recent short trip to CA to visit a close friend who is from the city. I got to experience it like a true Californian, as much as I could with the time being what it was. And let’s face it, traffic really is as bad as they all say. I want to highlight my experience but it wouldn’t make sense to try to cover it all in one post, knowing myself I’ll write forever. Instead, I will start with one of many places that I believe was noteworthy during my stay, Urth Caffé.

I have since learned that there are many locations throughout CA, but in our hungover blissful state once awaking on a warm Saturday morning led us to the Downtown location with hopes to venture through the Arts District in the later part of the afternoon. Although I will be needing to make a return to take advantage of the photo opportunities presented with the infamous wings and the many elaborately painted buildings (there really is so much to see), I did get a taste of the surrounding area of our decision for a dining establishment.

Tucked into the middle of the industrialized, newly developing community of Downtown LA on the corner of Hewitt & 5th Street lies the popular coffee shop. Upon arriving at our destination, I instantly adored the brick covered building the urban area Urth Caffé was located in.

But seriously, this location was amazing. There was a lengthy line, which I find would be typical of a Saturday afternoon, and it went fairly quickly. Sitting outside was initially really warm but once seated under the shading that the umbrellas provide it was the perfect setting to enjoy my late breakfast.


Urth Side


I was on a quest to eat breakfast. The fact that we awoke later than planned was irrelevant; I always start my day with breakfast food. Yes, it is the most important meal of the day. It is also my favorite meal to enjoy. I was excited to learn that all the items considered breakfast were available until 2:00pm on the weekends (1:00pm on weekdays) and items listed under brunch are available all day. I opted for The Egg Sandwich containing avocado, Monterey jack cheese, Roma tomatoes, chilis that are mild in flavor, lettuce and mayo. I chose upgrade to egg whites and to forgo the tomatoes and mayo, I’m not a big fan of those things.

The sandwich was served with a side salad made up of mixed greens tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette, a standard for most side salads at popular dining establishments but still tasty. Each of us ordered an iced latte, mine made with almond milk, and shared a Triple Chocolate Chunk cookie that paired with our espresso perfectly. The entire meal was delicious and the organic coffee was uh-mazing. Many places fail to serve coffee that is not watered down when served over ice. It was a hot afternoon yet I found myself enjoying my latte (that was delivered before our entrees) until the very end of my meal never losing the flavor. A big bonus in my book.


Urth Food


After dining at Urth Caffe, we walked around to take in the sights which did not go as planned. We were on a mission to discover The Last Bookstore located downtown, which we found although our phones said it was six minutes away, it typically helps to update the directions to walking instead of using a vehicle. It did allow us to take in a little bit of art that we passed along the way of our misguided path. Until my next entry of my weekend journey through LA, enjoy some of the sights I found photo-worthy on the way to our next destination.

Thank you for reading!


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