A New Manchester United? 

Manchester United's  dull, and dismal 0-0 draw against rivals Liverpool exemplified the new Manchester United way. 
Grinding out results , no intent to attack, unattractive football. 
Simply José.
Wherever the Portuguese manager has gone he has found a way to grind out results even if it is not enjoyable to watch for fans. It was ever present at Chelsea, where he became renowned for " parking the bus". It appears not much has changed. 
With most people predicting Liverpool to blow United out of the water within the first half in last weeks game, Mourinho had other ideas. A makeshift back six halted any chance of this outcome being achieved. One of the most hyped up games so far this season, turned into a woeful goalless draw with minimal chances, not your typical United Liverpool match. 
The reason why this was the case is because Mourinho worked out how to combat Liverpool's attacking threat. They sat with eight players behind the ball at times , not allowing the home side to charge at them with speed.
One of Liverpool's key successes this season has been ' Gegen pressing', which functions on high intensity pressing , and not allowing the opposition time to think. This has been something Klopp's men have implemented every game this season, as well as last season. However, Mourinho didn't allow them to do this. 
A performance very similar to this encounter is the game between Liverpool and Chelsea in 2014 when Liverpool were inches away from winning the league. This game was even more defensive than the recent match. Mourinho knew Chelsea were already out of the title race so he just decided to frustrate the Liverpool players and fans.
Frustrated they became. 
Time wasting from the first minute, everyone behind the ball, no ambition to play ... They won 2-0 , though.  A header, and a Liverpool corner which led to a counter attack; saw them pinch the game - it was one of the must ugly victories ever seen, with many saying it was very disrespectful to win in this way and that it didn't justify a win.
The key thing was that; they still won. Mourinho has found a way to nullify opponents , it may not be much fun to watch, but it does the job. 
Jose had introduced this ' win at any cost mentality ' wherever he has been. But, some are less happy with it than others. 
With £150 million spent in the summer on  Paul Pogba,  Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and Eric Bailly, (plus Ibrahimovic on a free transfer) you'd expect the £120 million of the £150 million that was spent on attacking talent to be prominent in the side. Quite the opposite. Mourinho was happy to defend all game and settled for a draw before the whistle was even blown. Something that suggests that he knew they weren't going to beat an in-form Liverpool side, for whom the draw, felt like a defeat. This illustrated how far Liverpool have come and how far United have fallen in recent times.  
Liverpool wanted the win , United didn't. 
It's not something United fans are very accustomed to , having had a manager of Sir Alex Ferguson's stature in charge for so long, who thrived on attacking football. This change at the helm - brings a new style of play with it. This was somewhat experienced under Louis Van Gaal with his football often being labelled boring , with 65% possession and 0-0 scores becoming habitual , fans were fed up, they wanted Mourinho. 
But is it really an improvement? 
Louis Van Gaal was slaughtered week in week out by the press for his boring football and his goalless games. However, Mourinho does the same thing, but is branded a ' tactical genius'. It seems he has just built a reputation which people cease to tarnish. 
With Rashford being told to follow the full back and not enter the box, Ibrahimovic a ghost figure, Pogba tracking back, it is rather strange all this money was splashed out on world class talent, to not even be used? 
Mourinho has driven his bus from London to Manchester , and hasn't waited long to find a parking space.
Yes, Manchester United fans, you have captured Mourinho's services, and you signed high class players, however , it doesn't appear to be all that perfect. You will have to get used to unattractive football with no will to attack, as this is the approach Mourinho seems to take in all the big games. 
It appears Manchester United are heading for a new direction, which focuses more upon gaining results than how you win. The golden days of Sir Alex Ferguson are well in the past, and a new era is on the horizon.
' The Manchester United way' has taken a new path. 
By Tom Cavilla.

Published by Tom Cavilla