The rise of a perfume icon

Francesca Dell’ Oro is a native of Lecco in Lombardy Northern Italy which is 50kms from Milan. The gardens around her home and along the Lake Como produced pleasant aromas which fascinated her throughout her childhood. She developed a dream of revolutionizing the fashion industry which she achieved by launching new perfume brands after graduating at the IULM University of Milan with a major in Communication. After owning a boutique, she indulged herself in intensive research specifically in the introduction of new fragrances which helped her to know the types of fragrances to incorporate and blend with other collections

The company’s milestone and fragrances

In the year 2011, she introduced her own perfume line after a constant series of hard work and passion. 2015 was a very successful year for her as he managed to launch three new fragrances which came with a distinct packaging thus making her brand known. Into her business, she incorporated other leading brand houses to help her with ideas and come up with unique fragrance lines. She mastered the art of coming up with unique and best perfumes which are well marketed online via her website According to the website, she has a number of brands; the first is Ambrosine which trades at around 148 euros. it is a unique fragrance that comes with quality when applied. it is mostly used by women thus bringing out their romantic sensuality. It is very distinct from other brands due to its flavoured background accents. The second brand is Envoutant which sales at 148 euros. This perfume is blended hence making it attra
ctive to the eye due to its captivating image and mostly used by women. Thirdly is Fleurdenya costing roughly 148 euros. This perfume comes from pleasantly smelling flowers and majorly used on romantic occasions. The fourth brand is Francine which goes at around 144 euros. This brand confers with the modern style of perfumery to create a sense of touch. The above-mentioned brands are just a few examples but the fashion house has other brands namely; Ice Yasmill, Irupe’, Lullaby, Page 29, Rosmenthe, Rubia Sucree’, Voile Confit and White Plumage.

Achievements and Location perfumery has been the leading figure in media platforms and search engines. This is according to the Italian press release. Having gone through a series of growth and expansion, this company is now one of the leading fragrance house globally. Her current headquarter is in Via Boreca , Piacenza(ITALY)"

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