cropped-shutterstock_54771055.jpg“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

In the years leading up to my marriage I was very focused on finding a wife. I remember I kept praying again and again for a wife, sometimes God felt far away and sometimes I was tempted to run ahead of God assuming He agreed with my choice of wife. Being single was frustrating, and it just added to the frustration that God did not seem to care.

Life is like that sometimes, we get so focused on our situation and circumstance we end up almost wanting to grab a hold of Gods shirt trying to shake Him awake, convinced He must be asleep.

I felt like that sometimes, wanting to grab a hold of Gods shirt shaking Him awake. So I remember one time, in my small apartment at the seminary, I asked the Lord “when will I meet her?”. God did not answer that prayer right away the way I wanted Him to. But He did answer it, He said that in His eyes and mind I was already married. So instead of praying to get a wife, He told me pray the way you would pray if you where already married. So my prayer life changed. I stopped asking God for a wife, and I started praying God to protect, bless and heal my wife. I had no clue who she was, where she was, how she looked like. But the more I prayed for her, the more I felt married even though I was not legally married to her yet.

To make a long story short, about 6 months later I met my wife through an internet dating service for Christians. And today we have been happily married for 6 years and each day is a gift waking up next to her.

Around the same time my parents where selling their house. They wanted to use the money to buy my old apartment, and I needed that money to finance my education at the seminary.

Everybody told my parents their house would be difficult to sell. It was located in an area that was known as a difficult real estate market. But instead of asking God for them to sell their house, I started thanking God the house was already sold and I started thanking Him they would get the money they needed (and I needed) to buy my apartment.

When the day came for them to view the house to potential buyers the weather was awful. It was raining and blowing. But 10 minutes before the viewing was about to start the rain stopped, the wind calmed down and the sun came out and bathed the house in a beautiful warm sunlight. This lasted all through the viewing and 5 minutes after the last person had left the sun vanished and the wind and the rain started up again.

Two days later they had sold their house to one of the couples that came for the viewing. It sold for the exact amount they needed to buy my apartment, and I was able to use that money to pay for my education at the seminary.

When we need something from God its hard to believe sometimes. We find ourself in unexpected situations that fills us with fear and worry. When unexpected things happen it is hard, almost impossible for us to believe it will change.  And when we pray for a change, and nothing happens, it becomes even harder and we begin to doubt. We begin to question God, why have you not healed me? Why have you not provided for me? Why have you not…you fill in the blanks for your situation. We have all been there, and some of you are still there. Questioning God, doubting if He wants to heal you, provide and protect you. And deep down you have a sense of bitterness growing, because something deep down inside of you is slowly becoming bitter at God.

But I am here to tell you the solution and to tell you why you have not seen any answers yet. Its because your faith is wrong and you are praying the wrong way. There is only one way to believe and one way to pray that is biblical. And God does not respond to unbiblical faith and unbiblical prayers.

If you have children you would naturally want to provide for them. You are able to give them what they need, not always what they want, but what they need. They have the clothes they need, the food they need (somebody is reading this, you are sitting at a kitchen table, you are african American and your kitchen table has a yellow colour. You have two children, a boy and a girl, 5 and 4 years old, the boy´s name is Sam. You have no money to provide for them and you feel like a failure. But the Lord says, woman take heart I will provide and I will send you the money, just trust Me)  and they do not have to ask for it. its something you give to them automaticly because you love them and they know their status as your children guarantees they will be provided for. The fact that you are their parent gives them the rest and assurance they will be provided for, they trust you.

(The Lord says, Kentucky, you live in Kentucky and your husband has left you. But he will change says the Lord and come back to you in 5 months)

How would you feel if your children came to you and asked “Dad, mom, could you please give me food today? Could you please give me a new set of clothes?” you would feel a little hurt, because it would be obvious your children did not trust your love for them.

Of course there is a difference between a child coming and telling you ” Dad I am hungry, mom I need a new set of clothes” and a child askind “Dad can you give me some food please? mom can I have a new set of clothes please?”. Its the last way of asking that would hurt you, the first one is natural for a child that is secure in your love. He or she knows they can come to you and ask for what they need and you will give them what they need.

So what does all of this have to do with prayer and God?

When you come to God in prayer and ask Him “Lord, can you give me food today? Lord can you provide a new car for me? Lord can you heal me?” you are showing God you do not really trust Him and His love for you. That hurts His feelings and it will actually make Him say no to your request.

He would not deny you your request because He becomes mad at you or angry, but because He sees a greater need that has to be met first. He sees that the way you are praying reveals you are not certain about His love for you. And He knows it is more important for you to trust in HIs love for you then to have the things you are asking Him for.

So God would then have to deal with the more important stuff first, and that is your soul. God has even said in His word that the condition of your soul determines how much He can heal you and prosper you. (3.John 2)

So first of all God has to make sure your soul is healthy, grounded in His love for you. And there is only one way for Him to do that. He has to make sure you have accepted what Jesus did for you, not only for your initial salvation but for your entire life and for every need you have in this life.

When Jesus died for you on the cross it was first and foremost to reconcile you to God. His sacrifice for your sins, and your faith in it, reconciles you to God. (Rom 4:3) But He did not only die to reconcile you to God. He died to meet your every need.

Deut 28:1-13 is filled with promises of what God can do and will do to the one who is righteous. The one who is righteous in the site of God can know he or she will be healed, provided for and protected.

There is no way for us to be righteous by our own efforts. We cant make ourself righteous (Rom 3:10). So we do not deserve the promises in Deut 28:1-13. We deserve the curse in Deut 28:14 and the continuing verses.

If you believe Jesus died for your sins you become righteous in the site of God. Not because of something you did, but because of your faith in what Jesus did. (Rom 4:3) If you waver from that faith in what Jesus did for you, your righteousness wavers and you can actually loose it.

So a person who prays “God, can you please heal me? Can please provide for me?” has something wrong with his soul. That person does not know he is righteous through faith in Jesus and the cross. So God has to say no to the prayer requests first to make sure that persons soul becomes and stays righteous. ( 3.John 2)

But when that person is righteous and stays righteous, then God is free to give the promises in Deut 28:1-13. But a righteous person would never pray “God can you please heal me?”. A righteous person knows his faith in the cross has already given him what he needs.

So a righteous person would tell the Lord their needs, and then thank Him for already healing them and providing for them. (Mark 11:24) They would say to God “I am healed, I am provided for, I am wealthy because of the cross of Christ”, just as they would say “I am saved because Jesus died for me”.

This is not the easiest thing to do when the unexpected crisis happens in our lives. When your doctor has just given you the news you have cancer its not easy to say “I am healed because Jesus died for me”. When the bank has just foreclosed on your house its not easy to say “I am wealthy and provided for because Jesus died for me”. But war is never easy. (1.Tim 6:12)

If you believe Jesus died for you I can guarantee you will find yourself in a spiritual war. The devil was defeated at the cross, so he has lost the battle. ( Col 2:15 ) But he has a hard time admitting to it, so he will still try to trick you into believing he did not loose. He fights with everything he has to regain some power. But we who believe Jesus died for us have the authority to remind him he has lost. (1. Pet 5:8)

I can guarantee you the devil will try to attack you with everything he has. He will try to tell you this is it, you have cancer and you will die. Then its your job to use the authority you have and the only weapon he fears, your confession of your faith. Its your job to tell the devil “I am healed, because of the death of Jesus for my sins”.

You have to fight the good fight of faith (1.Tim 6:12) despite your circumstances. And you have to stand your ground despite everything around you is telling you to give in and give up. No matter what happens, you have to declear your faith that you are healed, provided for, protected because of the death of Jesus for my sins. If you do this you are using your righteous faith to fight the good fight of faith. And the Bible promises that we are overcomers because of our righteous faith (Rev 12:11)

You have to be intentional on this and set your mind on your righteous faith each day. This is not denying reality, its not trying to deny the pain, the lack of money.Its fighting the good fight of faith, declaring what you have in the cross, despite your circumstances. Its reminding the devil he has lost the fight and you can have assurance you will overcome if you do it this way. (Rev 12:11)

So how do you pray?

By praying the way you would pray if you already had it. By declaring your faith to the Lord and thanking Him for all that you have because of His death. By telling the devil and the world that you are healed, provided for, protected because you believe Jesus died for your sins.

I know this works, the ring on my finger and my wife is a living testimony to this.

Published by Apostle Ernie