The Hollywood Reporter calls him Multi-hyphenate“..

Did you know that he had a tough childhood?  he was verbally abused and violently beaten by his father until age 19. One night, his drunken father got the vacuum cleaner extension cord and trapped him in a room and beat him until the skin was coming off his back..

For those of you who know the story, you guessed right. It’s Tyler Perry, who was born Emmitt Perry Jr. but changed his name to distance himself from his dad.

About three years ago, he did something he tagged as “liberating and freeing”. This was a letter to his younger self; the child he used to be. I didn’t understand how amazing this was until i decided to write to the little girl in my heart that had been longing to hear from me.


Dear Beautiful One,

This is my heartfelt letter to you so you can appreciate all your life’s experiences that have shaped you into who you are today and what you’re yet to become. I know you were really uncertain about your future but things are turning out just fine; at least better than you expected.

You worried too much about the visible veins on mum’s hands because you thought they were as a result of stress but beautiful one, that’s just how she was created. She’s still as beautiful as ever.. Also, you didn’t need to worry about making her proud because you’ve blossomed into a woman she’s proud of so you’ve done well.

You are a lot wiser now thanks to the mistakes you’ve made, you’ve come to realize the importance of wisdom.

There was no point of getting depressed because you had no plan for your life; I mean, you were just 17. It’s okay to be clueless sometimes and try out new things. You just never know what that can give birth to. The beauty of life is there’s no handbook; you are the author of your life. Feel free to decorate each chapter with beautiful collages of your life as you discover yourself daily and stop being too hard on yourself.

Forget about fear of failure, uncertainties, and fear of anything at all, they’re all in your head. You’re a strong woman, unique in your own ways. Someone once told me, if you’re dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough. So relax, you’re on the right track. Learn to take life one step at a time, no one figured it out all at once..

Well, you ended up not studying medicine because you realized you’d have dropped out of medical school eventually because you couldn’t stand the mere sight of blood or a lifeless person. Now, I’m sure you appreciate all those admission lists that were released without your name in them. You found psychology and have loved every minute of that decision.

The good thing is you have learnt how not to confine yourself to one thing and playing down your versatility after all some of the richest people we both know have at least 7 sources of income. So I guess you’re allowed to be a jack of “some” trade if not all. What’s the worse that could happen?

I’m sorry you felt less of yourself and always thought of yourself as ‘not good enough’.. You’re everything you could ever ask for. You just need to believe in yourself more and project that energy to the world. You are what you see.

Here’s my advice to your future self:

Take out time to appreciate life as it unfolds. The uncertainties it presents are what make it worthwhile. Appreciate your life daily and the great strides you’ve taken. Count your blessings. Life is beautiful.

You can’t fix everything. Learn to accept that and let go of the things you can’t even the superheros we loved had their moments so I guess you can relax. Do yourself a favor and smile more often.

Dance and travel a whole lot more, enjoy getting to know yourself, be the best version of yourself you can be, develop new interests, take life one step at a time, love deeply, invest a lot in charitable causes.. Most importantly be happy and RELAX!!!!

With Love,

Your Current Self.


Here’s a Link to Tyler Perry’s Note to Self —-> Letter to Younger Self

If you could say something or write a letter to your younger self what would it be?

Published by Alicia James