You did it. You finally clicked on the link and did the bank transfer. You finally bought yourself a month at the gym, determined to finally get washboard abs, lose gazillions and make a change to your life. 

Now as you pack for the gym whilst munching on your celery sticks with hummus that no doubt taste like ass, stretching out your new vest and perming your hair ready to ‘smash the gym’ then go on twitter or Facebook to tag yourself in, please take heed of these small Plant-A-Seed points.


Don’t be disheartened that you lost 5lbs one week, lost 2lbs the next then sorta peeled off the diet when you reach a plateau. Change things up a little. The immediate weight loss was no doubt ‘water weight’ the week after that was your body responding to the changes in calories, and the week after was your body adapting to the calories. Your body is crazy for adapting to any stimulus. Kobayashi (famous Hot Dog connoisseur) has the stomach to accommodate 63 hot dogs. If you want the body to respond, change it up! (Obviously by not eating 63 hot dogs). Read up on how the body responds to the things you are putting in. Understanding why things happen is golden.

Even though the body takes a little time to respond, expect to see changes in 4 weeks (ABSOLUTE MINIMUM). Shoot for 8.  Then the only way is up…..


As with everything, progress takes time, I remember as a 21 year old that I would deadlift 500lbs by the end of 2012. Did that come to fruition?? NOPE. I had no plan, no patience and certainly no drive. I wanted to tell the world that I was going to accomplish it, to sound like Billy big balls in front of everyone.

Get a plan of where you want to be in 3 months time, break that plan up into 3 smaller goals, then break those into 4 even smaller goals, progress tracking is everything. Make a list of things that may hinder you and accommodate those things.


Arnie smoked weed at the end of Pumping Iron whilst eating cake. The Rock had three Pizzas and a whole stack of Pancakes after dieting for Hercules. Jay Cutler ate 4 Burgers a day in the offseason. Eddie Hall eats Ice Cream everyday. Accept it, move on, get back on the horse. You’re still in the game.

JUST DO IT. AND STICK WITH IT. (Cheap plug , pay me Nike pls.)

I have worn the same trainers for the gym for two years. I haven’t bought a T-shirt for the gym in months. My outfit screams GymTurtle more than Gym Shark. And its ok.

Wear a black bin bag for the gym by any means (But be sure to bring 5 litres of water to accommodate for the chronic sweating). All that matters is that you’re working towards a goal. And you should feel boss! Get the work done, your body will thank you. Clothes get drenched in sweat anyway regardless of how they look.

If you hate the Gym, Take up a sport. If you hate sport, take up walking. If you hate walking, Take up swimming. If you hate swimming, take up ultimate Frisbee , If you hate Ultimate Frisbee, Take up the ancient sport of Antartic jump-up-and-down-catching a beanbag game. Whatever enables you not to sit on the couch umming over how to make a change. Do what you love, 3 sets of 8 on a bench is certainly not for everyone.

And the most important thing…..


Please, for me and you. Stick with it. Please. People can tolerate passion, that’s why Im a big advocate of Facebook tagging. Fair play for getting shit done. But people hate quitting. And quitting is much more frowned upon than a tag on social media. See it though.

 ‘You’re already in pain, Get a reward from it!’ (Eric Thomas)

Getting frowned upon because you’re eating different than everyone at a party, good, set the example. Drinking white wine and soda instead of a crate at parties, take the loosening belt as a justification. If you were ever to buckle under these situations, that’s totally fine. The world is not over, tomorrow is a new day, and you get a chance to get back in the game.

Just stick out your new lease on life for 21 days. (Why??? Refer to starting paragraph J )

You've got this. 

Published by Nathan Barnes