There is this notion of peace floating around in the world.  Although its origin is unknown, the luster for its calling has never left.  The stories of humanity gone astray have riddled the history books since the dawn of mankind.  Each generation is passed the torch of quest for this elusive notion, while being given the same tools to find it with.  I wonder if peace has been so far out of our grasp for so long that we no longer believe it is a possibility within our generation.  I suspect that we feel intimidated to proceed with our ideas for peace because we have been relentlessly taught, with example after example, that peace is a hard quality to take hold.  Although our position is understandable, it is not acceptable.  As I look upon the world we are leaving to our children, with the monumental problems we are ignoring, I feel compelled… compelled to do something, compelled to find a better way for them, compelled to be that generation that figures it out.  I do not hold the answer to this problem.  If I did, I would gladly share it.  However, we can’t give up!  I suspect that the solution lies outside of the tactics that have already been used.  I think it will take a new wave of ideas, words, and emotions to really invite peace to stay.  Yet most importantly, I believe peace is possible. 


The two strongest allies of peace are love and unity.  If our generation (the people living among this Earth RIGHT NOW) joins together, peace may have a chance.  This is the time to stand united.  As we extend love and understanding to our fellow human being and show respect to Mother Earth and the life within her, peace may finally stay.  This would allow us, our generation, to extinguish the torch of quest for peace forever.  We would become a world united. This doesn’t mean we all see eye to eye, or that there would never be a disagreement.  Peace isn’t a quality that strips you of your free will, individuality or personality; so yes there would be times of upset.  However, peace allows humans to respectfully disagree.  I see peace as people working together for the good of our world and the life within it.  If humans had healthy boundaries with each other, and took a humanitarian oath to never bring intentional harm or suffering to another, peace would gently flow our way. 


Why are we striving for anything else?  What more could you want to leave to your children and grandchildren?

Published by JS Spirit Author