Hi Lovlies,

This week I thought Id start another umbrella of blog posts that I'll continuously fill you in with, this time its all about apps that I'm obsessed with! The app I'm going to tell you about my current fave, Depop (no sponsor etc... although wouldn't complain if it was!!) 

If you don't know already Depop is a selling and buying app, where anyone can sell things such as clothes, interior bits and bobs and also accessories. I haven't bought anything high street or from online shops since discovering this app, I have been bringing autumn into my wardrobe buying vintage and second had items off of Depop for much less of the expense, and while I've been at that I have also stared selling on there to (makes me feel less guilty for spending my money!) 

Now onto the haul, its only a small one for now, a mere 3 items as I've been controlling myself not to buy more! 

I T E M 1 - Zara Slip Dress // Nude & Silver // Fifteen Pounds


I T E M 2 - Tricolour Knitted Flare Sleeve Jumper // Orange // Eight Pounds


I T E M 3 - Zara Pointed Toe Boots // Peach Pink // Fifteen Pounds 


I hope you enjoyed seeing the treasures I found, and I also hope you consider using Depop to revamp your wardrobe too, its so much less costly and as they say 'one mans trash is another mans treasure'. Although be carful, check the sellers rating and that they are trust worthy to buy off of, just be savvy and smart, they you can look fab!

Let me know if you have or will use this app and what you have found on there, I'd love to see you style and finds!

Until next time...

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