Feature Movie - 50 Shades Darker. 

Directed By : James Foley.

Starring : Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson.

Screening : In Cinemas Now.

Reviewed By : Julian Groom.

My Rating : Two Stars.

A woman has a cocktail thrown in her face and is then slapped within 60 seconds, is this Fifty Shades Darker or Days Of Our Lives.

This is after a Fatal Attraction stalker sub plot that is drawn out for maximum tension and then promptly resolved and tossed aside.

So confused and unfocused is this sequel to 50 Shades Of Grey that after trying to steam up the screen by re - sparking the relationship between billionaire sadist Christian Grey / Jamie Dornan and mousy Anastasia Steele / Dakota Johnson with mixing sex and danger, the film changes gears into high camp as fast as a whip crack.

It sometimes feels like the audience has been duped into watching an extended episode of an unending soap opera. In fact the drink toss and slap is an amusing and welcome relief from what up until that point was a drawn out, tedious exercise in misogyny, dimly lit sex played out to pumping pop music.

Other faint praise is that it is more about female sexual pleasure and less about Grey inflicting pain on a woman to get his rocks off.

Overall I preferred the first movie of the sequel 50 Shades Of Grey ...

Published by Julian Groom