To educate,

To teach, be stern –

Read and write,

To comprehend,

To learn –


To crave,

To yearn,

To live.


To crawl, then walk,

Be silent, talk –

To be selfish or

To give.


To sense attraction,

Then to flirt –

Mutual indeed.


To sense, to reel,

To stop, to feel,

To cook, to serve,

To feed.


To touch like-mind,

To want to be

Someone just like me.


To think, to feel,

To laugh, to cry,

To smell, to hear,

Be free.


To enunciate, eradicate,

To resonate,

To speak to me.


To look what

Comes your way

In its eye –


To stop, to stare,

Investigate –

To pry, to search,

To see.


To travel, learn

To walk, discern –

To share my worldly view.


To wait oh, so impatiently

For what’s awaiting you.


To look, to yearn,

To build, to glare –

To target, plan

And then construct –


To undress in shadow,

Naked, bare –

To feel attraction,

Have good luck.


To lie, embrace

And then to kiss.

To ne’er be sole-ful –  

Part of one, not two.


To want, to have –  

To love another –

To be a part of you.


Published by Owen Tilley