If your like me at first you'd think its a story the comedy site, The Onion would put out but this is actually real. Celebrity photographer Kevin Abosch sold this picture to a business man at his house. Kevin Aboschis a well knowphotographer with pictures of Yoko Ono,Steven Spielberg, Michael Palin and others as well. Their are three copies of this photo one is in his private collection and the other he donated to a art museum in Serbia.

Abosch told  CNN the reason he took the photo,“I see commonalities between humans and potatoes that speak to our relationship as individuals within a collective species,” . “Generally, the life of a harvested potato is violent and taken for granted. I use the potato as a proxy for the ontological study of the human experience.”

He sold this picture to a unknown bussiness man at his home in Paris for a staggering million dollars.

He told The Sunday Times:“It’s not the first time that someone has bought the art right off my wall. 

“We had two glasses of wine and he said, ‘I really like that’. Two more glasses of wine and he said: ‘I really want that.’

That right someone actually bought a picture of a potato for more money than the averege person will ever see in their lifetime so the next time some accuses you of wasting money just say, "at least i didn't spend a million dollars on a freaking potato"

There was so much money he could of spent that money on like a community housing project, a summer house, or even a sports car but this guy decides to spend on a spud.





Published by Tyler Ortega