So often I come across people who take themselves very seriously and don't get me wrong, those people are amazing and there isn't anything wrong with being serious and intentional about life in general, but sometimes you come across a couple that shines in their "weirdness" and these two do just that. The authenticity in their relationship is something to behold and they honestly make me want to implement that into my own relationship is some shape or form. The way that these two bring out the best in each other was something special and it was so fun to document that part of their relationship. 

We started the day early at Kranskloof viewpoint in South Africa for a sunrise shoot to catch the morning light and then once we had finished off there we traveled down the hill to a shopping center called "Pavillion" where we decided to just mess around and see what came of it.

The end results were fun and authentic, and in my opinion, captured the essence of these two incredible people’s relationship perfectly. From the serious and more intimate shoot at Kranskloof to the hiding of camera gear and running away from security guards while posing in the food court of Pavilion. These two were seriously fun to hang out with!

Some words from the couple:

“Stu was so fun to work with: he was punctual (which is a plus at 6am on a Saturday!) and keen to shoot from the start. He was open to our ideas (no matter how crazy!) and such a laid-back person to spend the morning with.”  Justin & Gabi 

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Published by Stuart Vivier