I haven't written any updates on my weight loss battle in a few months. Well I ran out of phentermine in June and had a follow up appointment scheduled for the end of July. This fell through when I discovered the hard way that my insurance decided to cancel me on July 1st, the hard way because I was clearly on a need to know basis and I didn't need to know. I never did get a straight answer why this happened but I can speculate. Anyway I had to cancel my appointment. I got the insurance situation straightened out by August and rescheduled my appointment. I am back on phentermine finally after almost 3 months. 

Well with my medical license plus working with various medications, I know that magnesium helps regulate blood sugars, vitamin B's boost energy, vitamin D is a natural mood stabilizer and of course vitamin C is an immune system booster. So here is my plan, I went out and got magnesium and vitamin c supplements (I have a prescription for vitamin d already) the only thing I probably could use more of is iron but I didn't think of that while at the store. Coincidentally, magnesium is also an appetite suppressant and cold season is upon us so vitamin c is always a good idea. 

So I figure with all the supplements I will either be really healthy and drop this extra weight or I will turn into she-hulk. Really it's a 50/50 shot and personally I kind of want to know what happens.  

Stay tuned...

Published by Liz Zemlicka