Today, sales is the most rewarding profession in the world and each company is seeking best sales professionals who can fetch maximum numbers of customers for them. However, being a salesperson,  it's indeed an intricate deal to consistently bring the customers on board.

And this is where sales prospecting takes place which can dramatically help salespersons to enhance the customer volume. However, not all sales personnel are fairly good enough to use the prospecting methods. So, if you are also into the sales profession it's very essential for you to understand everything about sales prospecting, its tools and techniques to succeed.

So here we have this quick guide to sales prospecting with some proven tips, techniques and tools...

What is prospecting?

Prospecting is the process of hunting potential customers, clients or buyers to develop new business. The ultimate goal of prospecting is to move the prospect through the hoping funnel till the time they eventually convert into the final revenue generating customers.

Difference between the leads and prospects

A lot of newbie sales personnel seem confused between leads and prospects, but let us tell you guys, there is a difference between both.

Prospects Vs. Leads


Leads include the potential customers who have shown interest towards the company's products and services by visiting the company's website, checking the product details, have subscribed through a blog, vlog, and other communication mediums.


Leads usually become prospects when they are qualified as the potential customers, it means that they are reoriented with the enactment of our target buyer.

Whether it is leads or prospects, the end goal of both is the same that is to fostering the potential customers until they buy the service or product.

How the funnel actually looks like:

Research- To regulate the quality of lead

Research is the basic stage of achieving big numbers. In order to carry out a good research, we have to identify our goal to determine the quality of lead where we have to measure the qualifying dimensions of the leads to evaluate that the lead or prospect will become a revenue-generating customer.

There are certain customer relationship management software that allows the companies to track their potential customers no matter whichever stage they are.

Prospect- To connect

In order to connect with the prospect, a company or a sales personnel has to enter through two specific gateways-

Gatekeeper: This indicates to a person who is in charge of communicating or forestalling the information from reaching it out to the final decision maker like- receptionists or personal assistants.

Decision-maker: The person who has a charge of making the final decision. We usually have to reach this person through the gatekeeper.

Get connected- Schedule the next meeting

Once the salesperson gets connected to the decision maker, now it's a time to connect by fixing a meeting.

Educate and Evaluate leads

Once you got connected to the leads through meeting now it's time to educate and evaluate them. If you think, they are open to get your services or products. You are done

Published by Calida Jenkins