Second verse, pretty similar to the fist.

Deadline’s second pilot buzz article covered a lot of the same ground as the first.  The same projects are hot at ABC, though Stumptown has been renamed Bad Alibi, because when you’re adapting an existing story to a different medium, you definitely want to change the title so fans of the original won’t realize your show is an adaptation.  Meanwhile, Triangle may not get a yes or no until after upfronts.

At CBS, I’m pleased to see Evil still looking good.  As for the CW, it looks like Batwoman, Nancy Drew and Glamorous may be sure things.  Katy Keane seems to bed in fourth place, a fairly likely pick up unless the network doesn’t want two pick up two cosmetics shows, or if they think they only need three new shows after renewing pretty much their entire lineup.

Fox seems likely to pick up AI thriller neXt, soap Filthy Rich, and charactercedural Prodigal Son.  The Jason Katims show and procedural Deputy are also said to be in the mix.

Finally, at NBC Council of Dads seems to have risen above the pack.  Genre show Emergence and procedural Lincoln are also getting some good feedback.

Before I go, one interesting thing about pilot season (since I’ve been paying attention) is that there generally seems to be a surprise show that gets picked up, after never getting mentioned as being in the mix.  Sometimes it’s not even a show that was actually part of pilot season, but one that a cable network had recently passed on.  I have a couple of thoughts about what might be the surprise show this go round.  First, I could see Fox deciding not to say a total goodbye to Gotham, but spinning it off into a new show about Selena Kyle’s life after Bruce left the city.  My other pick is The Republic of Sarah at CBS.  It doesn’t seem to be getting any attention, but I just have a feeling it might be flying under the radar right now.  And CBS could certainly use the positive buzz from picking up a female-led show, after the Les Moonves and Michael Weatherly debacles.

Published by Andrew Clendening