Nothing is better than a well spent Saturday! Minutes after my parents arrive from work, we had a quick road trip to Okazaki. We had a 45-minute travel and we went to the store called “SEIYU.” I captured some photos to share with you guys!

The thing I love most about having a road-trip is, I can capture a lot of sceneries and views. Especially in japan, there are a lot of views I shouldn’t miss!

After, shopping at Seiyu, we decided to go home since it was already 8:30pm that time. My mom told me that we should go back to that place and we also found out that there is a beach resort 26 kilometers away from that place. We are planning to go to the beach on August which is a one-week holiday for my parents.

That is all! Thank you for reading. <3

Published by Alyssa Ortega