little town drawing

Hey,world! I’m Lora. I've recently made a drawing that I called “A Quiet Night”. It was a present for a very precious person. This drawing expresses my feelings. So I decided to show you how to make it.


Start by making a sketch with a pencil and draw your own town or village. Draw only the tops of the buildings and houses, so you can have space for the night sky. Next, start colouring them with a black or dark blue crayon. I am using a blue CARIOCA crayon.



I decided to make big and small asymmetric windows for a more abstract look. When you’re ready with the town, use a white crayon to draw dots and stars on the sky. They will stay there, if you colour the sky with watercolour paints. I often use this technique for galaxy drawings.


The colours of the sky go from purple to pink to blue and they create a great effect. To make it look more pretty and delicate, use a silver glitter pen to bold the stars and dots and make them sparkle. А completed look.


That's it! You’re ready! I hope you liked this DIY project. You can make a gift to a person you love. This drawing can be a great birthday present. I hope you have fun crafting. Bye, guys! 

xoxo, Lora

Published by Lora Veleva