About two weeks ago, I received a call from one of my sisters and she told me that my biological mother was going through an in vitro pregnancy and that she has been doing this for the past four years.  Apparently, she and my stepdad decided to undergo a pregnancy to induce labor despite her advanced age of 56 years old.  Now, this is an at risk pregnancy due to her advanced age and she already lost their first attempt at a child back in February 2013 and still they are attempting to do this.  Now, after I found out this information, I knew that I was right to disown my family and to curse their names both to their face and to the gods of my ancestors.  It wasn’t enough to be subjected to mental, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse by these same monsters of parents but now, they are trying to replace their own biological children by having a child at the age of 56 years old.  And what about my own stepfather who has three children of his own?  What would they think that their own father is trying to replace them?  I would not know for I have no contact with them despite having my stepfather in my life the past six years.

The real reason that my biological mother and her husband are doing this is because they, just like most Nigerian parents, are obsessed with having someone to inherit their many possessions that they have acquired over their lifetime.  It was one of the reasons that I moved to cut away my own biological father out of my life a long time ago when he demanded that I return back to Nigeria and see his possessions in order to inherit them.  I was offended by such stupidity, for him to think that I would care about his useless materialistic possessions.  I also forfeited my inheritance in the process in order to proceed and build up my own life for myself.  People must understand that since my stepfather’s children refused to go back to Nigeria to inherit the property, my biological mother and her husband decided to have a child of their own, raise him or her  (it turns out the child if born will be a girl as my biological mother is 5 months along in her pregnancy) and to have that child inherit my stepfather’s property.

This was the final slap to the face to myself and my three sisters as it long concluded that despite all of our fine accomplishments in life, we were never good enough for our parents and that they have decided to move on.  It is not as if I hadn’t moved on long ago but it now has opened the eyes of my siblings that they must also move on and cut away our parents in order to find some kind of inner peace.  Yes, it is their choice to undergo a pregnancy even if it will lead to her death (a thought that brings joy to my life!), but I do not have to be a part of this insanity or to have it even near my own life.  And to not even mention that what would happen to this child once it becomes 18 years old, they will be 74 years old!  Who would take care of the child if something was to happen to them?  For we all know that it won’t be me due to my nihilistic nature.

Published by Henry Graves