John David corners Ebonee by her truck. After about 3-months of a conversation, he noticed she was avoiding him...

"Oookayy I thought our conversation was good over these last few months... Why haven't you called me?"

"Well, I've been really busy. Writing this new book and taking care of my son." Ebonee responded but she was really scared to deal with him due to her disabilities she really felt broken like she wasn't worth the attention he was giving her and she hasn't really told him about her illnesses just yet.

"Busy huh!? I think you're just avoiding me." States John

"Avoiding you, I uhh I would never do that to you, John," Ebonee says as she clears her throat and tries to move out of John's gaze.

"Well, if you're not avoiding me how's about you come have coffee with me right now Ms. Johnson."

"Uh, well" (thinking to herself Lord Hammercy this man smells so good and looks so damn sexy. Them fucking grey eyes, full lips, masculine hands. Lord give me strength.) "Ok I guess I can join you."

"Okay let's take my car. If you don't mind?" John asks

"(Shyly responding) No not at all" John owned his own business, he was very successful in real estate, had houses he has sold and several rental properties, he drives a silver Mercedes-Benz. He opens her door for her and she nervously got in. Before she knew it they were at his pent-house he cornered her against the door as soon as he walked her inside...

"Um, I thought we were coming here for coffee and to talk?" Breathing heavy and biting his bottom lip as he caressed his hand up her thigh.

"We are gonna have coffee after..."

"After what Jonathan David!?"

"Hm, the way you say my name...." His full lips met hers and she felt his thick tongue slide into her mouth and without thinking she welcomed it. She enjoyed feeling the way it slithered around in her mouth as if he was searching for something. He stepped back and just looked at her licking his lips.

Ebonee was wearing some black spandex tights with a sports bra underneath a sleeveless workout shirt. (Remember they met at the gym.) He reached for her hand and she extended it and he leads her to his bedroom that overlooked the city. His bedroom had no walls except for by his bed everything else was windows... broad daylight he laid her down on the bed.

"Would u mind if I take a shower!?"

"No, don't shower just lay there." Jonathan puts his stereo on and the sounds of Bedtime by Ronald Isley flows through each corner of the room... He peels his shirt off slowly and Ebonee eyes stretch as she just sits there on the side of the bed just looking at how his muscles ripple across his chest and down to his stomach. He walks over to her and stands her to her feet and begins to kiss her softly and ever so passionately he rips her shirt off and licks her neck, picks her up whispers

"Wrap your legs around my waist"

And she does just that... the music echoes through the room as he walks over to the nearest window and they just kiss passionately for what seems like forever... then he swings her around to the bed and lays her down and begins to undress her slowly admiring every inch of her body. Taking in how sexy she was, the sweat glistening off of her skin and little sparkles of glitter reflecting off of her skin. He goes down and devours every inch of her body.

Ebonee gasps when he reaches her pussy, she feels as if her soul is being sucked out of her body. She knew what she was doing was wrong due to her being in a relationship, an unhappy one but still but this man has been after her for a while and she wanted everything he was giving her...



Published by Life of a Unique Woman