I've only had a Steemit account for an hour now, but I thought I could write a useful review of my first impressions. 

I learned about Steemit last night from my boyfriend. Basically, it's a social media site where when you post blogs, like things, and share things you can get paid in the cryptocurrency called Steem Dollars. It's an interesting concept because the more likes and shares you get, the more money you get; but you can also get paid to like other people's posts as well. 

I decided to create an account because why not? It's free and I could potentially get paid. Pretty perfect if you ask me.

The Problems with Steemit So Far

So far, however, the site hasn't worked as well as I'd hoped. No matter how many times I try, I can't seem to follow other blogs, and editing the blog posts I've shared hasn't been as easy as I thought. 

I don't know how many likes you need to get money, and I don't know the most effective way to tag articles because they only allow for 5 tags consisting of one word each. 

I've had to sign in multiple times over the past hour to like other blogs, to write my blogs, and to share blogs, but I guess they really care about authenticity. 

Maybe there's an easy solution to my problems in a YouTube video, but I think social media formats should be easy enough to figure out through some simple trial and error. Maybe my trials have been filled with errors, and not the site.

In any case, I hope I figure Steemit out soon.  I'd love to make money for liking someone else's blog posts! 

Published by Kristina Hemmerling