The opening paragraph captured Amon’s arrival thus: He came with the storm and thundering wheels. The freight car rattled and shook, crossing viaducts and bridges. With him came the weather. Three days’ rain preceded him, washing in over the hills, encroaching on the city in a melancholy tide of confusion. Streets swilled with a primeval mass of traffic, a grey swirl of pedestrians melting into a morass of umbrellas. People pushed, shoved, jostled, stepping on each other’s heels to get out of the storm. Wind stirred the garbage in alleyways, casting forth new men out of newspapers to stalk the old ones. Refuse plastered trees and bushes, creating a papier-mâché world—a prehistoric ooze made from plastic bags, magazine covers, and Styrofoam.

This chaos that came with him soon became the only reality known in the small city of Milton. People were dying. No. Not really. They were rather being converted into werewolves.  That change came with a hunger that suspended human reasoning and turned one to become nothing but a drive.

            But the conversion wasn’t the work of Amon. It was the work of Von Daniken, Amon sworn enemy for over a thousand years.   Daniken used humans as pawns.  Amon had a reason that brought him to Milton, a city with ancient secrets where their curse began.  An old manuscript described Milton thus:  The Romans left the area as they found it, choosing to criss-cross it with roads rather than build here again. The reason for this is unclear; the valley is a natural spot where a travelling army might find wood and water, thanks to the nearby River Luin and the forest that once surrounded it. However the local governor saw fit to abandon the camp and march northward instead. It is possible that incursions by Pictish warriors from Caledonia were making life impossible for the soldiers stationed here.

While Von Daniken came to fight Amon, Amon came to Milton with a deadly intention worse than the havoc Daniken was already unleashing. Amon wanted his hands on the powers offered by the secret that laid beneath the city of Milton. Amon wouldn’t mind sacrificing Megan the only woman he came to love since his thousand years on the earth to the darkness that possessed this power he sought.

With The Autumn Man, you have surprises awaiting for you in every page.  

The Autumn Man by Eric Ian Steele

                                        Publisher: Solstice Publishing - 

                                                              Reviewer: Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso


Published by Ezeiyoke Peter