So I’ve recently got back from a trip to Sydney. Now, this wasn’t just any trip. It was special because it was the first big trip I had organised all by myself- well, with the help of my close friend who I was travelling with.

I have travelled alone before, but this time, my friend and I planned, organised and financed this whole entire trip by ourselves. We had both just turned 20, and sure, travelling to the other side of your own country isn’t as impressive as a European jetsetting trip, but to us, or me at least, it marked the first stages of transitioning into maturity.

I honestly felt so grown up and put together when flying across Australia to a new city I had never been before, checking into the hotel, and adventuring our way across the city. And boy, oh boy, did we adventure! There was not a spare moment in sight as we got the full experience of all Sydney had to offer us. We were there for five and a half days, and managed to pack in so many activities and experiences, including climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and taking a day trip to the Blue Mountains- and lots and lots of shopping!

But this article isn’t about what to do in Sydney- it’s about the feeling of knowing it was all done by you. That you are the one that made this amazing journey happen- and it’s only the beginning!

I encourage anyone who’s even thinking about planning a holiday to just do it. Sure, it may be hard to save, but it is so worth it to be able to get away for a little while and experience a little lifestyle either slightly or vastly different to your own. Do your research before you go, but just make it work, because travelling really is one of the most enriching life experiences- and I can’t wait to do more of it!

If you are interested in seeing a little bit of what Sydney is like and the crazy, fast-paced adventure that we had, I have made a video highlighting some of the very best moments of the trip, which you can check out here:

Published by Nicole Schreck