Cowboy boots are literally taking the shoe-making industry by storm. They are comfortable, classy, and elegant. Plus, they’re highly durable—making them an ideal option for those who’re looking for something that can serve them for years to come. The following is a refinement of the best-selling brands that you can count on for genuine, long-lasting, and quality products.

Every cowboy understands how important it is to own a pair of high-quality boots. When working in the field, your feet get exposed to different weather elements. Nonetheless, most people tend to feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing their first pair of shoes. Tecovas has refined the following top models you may want to consider.

Most brands do have a long history as well as a decent reputation for designing and selling Western boots. The list below explains more about some of the best cowboy boot brands. Explore these models and find out what best suits your budget and personal style.

Frye Company Boots

The Frye Company manufactures some of the highest quality cowboy boots. This brand name was invented in the year 1863 in Massachusetts. Nonetheless, since the early days, the firm moved its headquarters to Hong Kong.

They utilize an excellent manufacturing process which involves excellent production standards. That’s why they actually sell awesome cowboy boots across the entire world. And they do so with passion and precision. They value their customers and always endeavor to provide them with the best quality products.


Want a unique and special pair of modern shoes? Well, get yourself the Lucchese cowboy boots. They’re made manually by professional craftsmen. Plus, they’re traditionally inspired and feature a unique style as well as spirit. The brand has been on the market for over 130 years and has experienced exceptional values that pass from one generation to another. Wearing them will give your look an instant uplift. 

Tony Lama

Since 1911, Tony Lama has handcrafted thousands of western shoe models. From men and women to kid’s boots, the company has got everyone covered. Regardless of your age or desired price tag, there’s always something for you. The shoes, which are often created from natural leather, feature special brand prints. Besides, Tony offers some of the most affordable prices and you can easily land significant discounts.


Did you know that it’s possible to combine the American tradition with Italian shoe production quality in a single pair of cowboy boots? Ariat boots have successfully managed to integrate the authentic quality of Italian leather with the exceptional design of Western shoes. That’s why their boots are comfortable, stylish, and elegant. Plus, they’re remarkably affordable and can be obtained in numerous designs, colors, and shapes. Check out mens square toe cowboy boots by Ariat, you'll be glad you did.


No need to wear boring boots while Nocona has got some of the most stylish, elegant, and comfortable shoes. They incorporate new prints and unique textures as well as materials into every collection they make. Even more, the company impresses with experiment and innovation each day. Remember, these aren’t just casual Western shoes, but elegant accessories suited for nearly any occasion. Whether you’re going on a usual walk or attending a fancy dinner, the Nocona boots have got you covered.

Stetson Boots

Need high-quality boots that’ll satisfy your personal requirements? Then you may want to partner with the renowned Stetson Company. They actually manufacture one of the most popular brands of cowboy boots.

You’ll readily get a fashionable design that’s both comfortable and elegant. The boots are made of brown, handmade leather and feature unique heels with inlays. They come with a 13-inch lining in addition to cushioned soles that offer additional comfort.

The company first began as a hat manufacturer in the year 1865. And since then, their business has grown in popularity. In 1990, however, they started making shoe wear and became an outstanding cowboy brand. From there, their products began rising in terms of popularity and have ended up becoming most people’s favorite.

Justin Cowboy Boots

Justin boots combine both traditional as well as modern innovation to create a classic pair of cowboy boots. The company implements leading technologies like J-Flex plus Flexible Comfort System (FCS) to offer full feet support during horse rides, physical work, or long walks. It’s really amazing how the Justin brand managed to integrate cutting-edge innovations as well as modern design with 130-years traditions.

Dan Post 

Ready to purchase certified cowboy boots? Well, congratulations. You’re just about to make a big move in your life. This brand doesn’t only portray itself as a casual-styled Western shoe but it also creates real cowboy boots convenient for real cowboy activities.  Thus, if you’re planning on taking rodeo classes or going for long hikes, the Dan Post boots could be a perfect option.

Anderson Bean 

Looking for the most comfortable cowboy shoe? Then you may want to consider purchasing Anderson Bean’s brand. Their shoes are designed to be comfortable and highly resistant. Plus, their products are affordable, reliable, and stylish. Partnering with Dan Post will only mean that you’ll get the perfect pair of cowboy boots. So, what are you still waiting for?

Key Take Away: Functionality Matters A lot

Cowboy boots were typically created for long hikes as well as tiresome walks. High heels support your feet on different surfaces, while the leather material warms up but doesn’t necessarily overheat. Besides, you don’t need to lace them up.

The more you wear custom-made Western boots, the better they conform to the shape and size of your foot. In addition, leather is flexible and can easily adjust to your walking style! What else would you be looking for?

The Bottom Line

When it comes to cowboy boots—the brand you company you purchase from really matters. With a genuine brand, like Tecovas, you are sure of getting high-quality boots that can serve you for many years. A top brand only sells genuine products that meet industry standards. So, if you are thinking about purchasing cowboy boots—get them from one of the above top brands. They are certified and offer quality products. 


Published by Matthew Piggot