A hex is a negative spell that is stronger than a jinx, but not as bad as a curse. To use this hex, you will need:

Black Candle (Note** Will be burned down)

A scrap of paper

Pen/Pencil (either is fine)

(Optional) A personal affect of the person’s

To begin, turn off the lights so that your candle would be the only thing glowing in the room. Call upon whatever deities you pray too or wish to invoke (or none, that’s fine too) and light the candle. Write the person’s full name on the scrap of paper and if you have a personal affect, wrap it in the paper. Tell the spirits/gods/energies/ect that you pray to who the person is, what they did wrong, hand how much punishment you believe they should be dealt. Then burn the paper (and the affect if you have one). Let the candle burn down. The larger the candle, the more powerful the spell can be. After you’re done, cleanse your workplace and remember to cleanse yourself too! Gook luck and happy hexing!

Published by Kalaeo Nox