In pursuit of happiness, we all struggle and face difficult choices. See, the thing is happiness is not a destination but is the state of mind. Here is a simple recipe to a happier life:

Little morning routine: start off your date with your little routine that makes you happy. Personally, for me it is having my Starbucks coffee on the way to work and buying fresh blueberries on Wednesdays at the market. Starts my day with a smile and makes the rest of the world not matter for a while.

Smile: Smile. Always. Keep. Your. Smile. If you are in a fight or have a colleague that annoys you - outsmile them. Trust me nothing is more frustrating to an enemy than your beautiful smile! Besides, it is a proven fact that smiling send signals to your brain reassuring that everything is well in your life.

Travel: Travel as much as you can. Even if it is a weekend getaway or a two week long vacation. Just travel and get inspired by these beautiful places around you!

Be selective & exclusive: If you don't feel like spending time with the people that give you negative vibes- don't be. Be selective with the people you surround yourself with. You will see that as soon as end up with only the people that are positive to you - your life will be more filled with laughter and love.

Love:Love your friends, love your significant other and most importantly learn to love yourself. This is basics. Without love there is no happiness. Love can be found everywhere, in a hug of a friend, in a friendly joke with your sibling or simply that special kiss with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Live: Don't forget to live! As much as work is important, there is life outside the office and there are people outside of your colleagues. Yes, jobs take up to 80% of our times, but do you want to end up in a hospital with a burnout? Just simply live to the fullest - we are all given one shot at life!

Always remember: No matter what you do, just always remember that happiness is not a destination and if you are waiting for it to happen - it might take a lifetime. Happiness is a state of  mind and there is a simpler way to be happy if you are not complicated your life with social media and unrealistic expectations of overrated reality.

Happiness is actually everywhere.

Published by Karina Saakyan