"But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you" Matth 6:33

The early bird catches the worm, this is how we are used to thinking. If we want to achieve something, we have to do something. If we dont do anything, we dont get anything. This is how our society functions, and sadly this is how most of the church world functions. You do not have to look far before you find a preacher on christian television telling you what to do to get something from God. But this is not how God wants things to work.

When Jesus died on the cross for our sins He did not die just for our sins. He died to set us free from every consequence of sin. His death and His Blood has the power to set us free from every consequence of sin. And what are the consequences of sin you might ask?

Sickness, lack, poverty, loneliness, depression, discouragement, abuse, violence, war, hunger, starvation. Our lives and our world is marked by the consequences of sin, and it affects us in ways we dont even imagine. How would it be like to be free from all of this?

In our society, and in the church world, we have a lot of voices telling us it is possible to be free from the consequences of sin. But they also tells us what to do, their solutions to it. And have you noticed how they dont agree all the time? One preacher might tell you if you buy his book, or you follow the purpose driven life everything will be ok and you will have victory. Another one might tell you if you follow my 12 step program or buy my book of power thoughts, every thing will be ok.

God on the other hand says we are not to do anything, we are just to rest and receive. So how do we do that?

Look at your prayer life, how do you pray? Do you ask God for a lot of things? Or do you ask God for blood and nothing but the blood?

Whats the difference you might ask?

The difference is this. When we ask Him for things we are focused on the things we ask Him for. When we ask Him for healing, money, protection and provision our minds are focused on these things. But its also not biblical to ask Him for things, it actually goes against the word of God.

Let me repeat myself, its unbiblical to ask God for things. Why and how?

Look at our text for today, Matth 6:33. Just before Jesus makes that statement He says we are not to worry about anything. He also says that God knows what we need, even before we know it ourself. And if you read through the old testament you never see anybody asking God for things. The old testament shows us a God who gives, gives, and gives some more to people who never asks Him for things.

In Mattth 6:33 Jesus promises us one important thing. If we ask Him for the blood and we keep our faith in the cross, then God will give us everything and more we need for everyday life and living.

I know some of you might say, but what about prayer?

Prayer is not a sin, but we are to remember one important thing. Prayer is not supposed to be us telling God our needs. He already knows what we need. Prayer is us telling God what is on our hearts, and then praying for the blood. There is a huge difference there and the difference is relationship.

How would your relationship be to your friends if you just came with your list of things you needed from them, and that was all you talked about? If you only demanded things from them, told them, "today I need this, I need that" and before they had a chance to answer you just hung op the phone on them or logged of Facebook?

Our relationship to God is to be just that, a relationship with the one who loves us so much that He gave us His life. In that kind of relationship you dont get to demand things. But you get to share whats on your heart, what is hard and demanding for you. You get to share your hopes, fears, thoughts about your life. And He will listen, I guarantee you that. He loves to listen to us when we come to Him with whats on our heart.

But when we do, we have to remember this. He is God, He made us, so He knows what we need. So when He died He gave us everything for this life and the next life. So when we come to Him and we tell HIm whats on our heart, its important we do not pray for things. Lets us instead pray for the blood.

What happens when you pray for the blood?

You are praying for His solution to the things you have just mentioned to Him. And His solution is always the best solution.

So in the beginning of this week do not forget this important lesson. its not our responsibility to get what we need for this life, its His responsibility. And He, our Lord Jesus, will fulfill His responsibility as long as our faith is in the cross and we keep on praying for the blood of Jesus. (Matth 6:33, Rev 12:11)

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com