Summer is here! (Well it has been here for quite some time now) With the onset of summer and during its course we all prefer minimal and comfortable clothes to beat the heat. Most of the full arm tops, your favorite shrugs and blazers find a cozy corner in the wardrobe to settle down, unless you aren’t out in the sun.

If you happen to visit a beach in summer like I did, beach/summer wear makes us think of mainly shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and other similar things. Shorts are everybody’s favorite, no surprises there. But why not bring in something fresh to the good old shorts! A slight enhancement to shorts, the suspenders, can add so much more to your look making it super chic and classy.

The weather at Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka required me to pick outfits that helped me beat the extreme heat. I ended up selecting this wonderful pair of denim shorts with suspenders for a day of sightseeing. This piece of outfit is so versatile, it could be worn with the suspenders or could be worn as just a pair of regular denim shorts by detaching the suspenders from the shorts. The denim fabric adds up to its versatility by giving a plethora of color options for the top. Black or grey were the first choices but I ruled against black for it wasn’t ideal for the heat. The grey top suited quite well with the denim blue and the t-shirt fabric gave me the comfort I needed. The cream floral sneakers teamed up brilliantly with the outfit and completed the look.

Dressing up for the summer or the beach has never been difficult. It is fun and easy, if there are such charming pieces of clothing out there waiting to be donned!

On me: Denim shorts with suspenders – Zara, Sneakers – H&M, Grey crop top – Max, Sunglasses – Vogue.

Published by Sushmita Shivaram