Yoga is a great way to stay in shape and keep your body balanced and healthy. However, not everyone has time to go to a class, especially if they have a busy schedule or their lifestyle doesn’t allow them to go to a class, for example, medical workers or new moms.

For people with such commitments, an at home yoga practice  space is the ideal solution. Today, we’ll take you through a concise guide on how to get about setting up the best space for your daily at-home yoga sessions.


First and foremost, you’re going to have to dedicate a space to your yoga practice. It doesn’t have to be large or lavish, but it would help if the place is comfortable, doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic and is clean. It may not be practical to dedicate an entire room to your yoga, but you could make do with a quiet corner in your bedroom or your living room.

You can spruce your yoga area up a bit by adding some scented candles and plants. Keep your dedicated space free of clutter and make sure to keep it clean at all times. Yoga won’t help if you’re breathing in dust all the time.


Luckily, yoga doesn’t require a lot of equipment. To get started, all you’ll need in the beginning is a yoga mat, and as your practice gets more advanced you can look to add more advanced equipment like cork blocks and yoga straps. Make it interesting by choosing an interesting pattern for your yoga mat and buy a good looking storage unit to keep all your essentials in. Since it's your home, you can customize according to your own tastes.


Yoga requires one to be comfortable, so it's very important that whatever you choose to wear, doesn’t obstruct movement and limit your range of motion. The goal is to be comfortable with whatever you wear, or not wear, and since you’ll be practicing in the sanctity of your own home, you can wear whatever you want.

As a recommendation, you could try leggings or shorts along with a loose-fitting t-shirt or vest. These would not limit your range of motion and would let you be comfortable throughout your session.


Once you have all your preparations complete, now its time to choose your yoga styles and find a routine. For discipline purposes, it helps if you were regular and consistent about the times and frequency of your yoga sessions. Since you’re doing it alone, and won’t have anyone else to motivate you, you’ll need to work a little extra hard to set your own routine.

As for styles, the internet is your playground and you can research what works for you and what doesn’t. In fact, with a focused yoga style, you could end up achieving your individual goals a lot faster than you would if you were to attend a class.


Published by Peter Garlow