WidsMob Viewer is an app that takes care of all your image-viewing needs on a Mac. How does it do this exactly? Well, it offers multiple modes of display for users. And, it does this without sacrificing an essential aspect of an app that is primarily concerned with visual media: speed.

It gives users plenty of freedom to access and edit their collection of images, which is composed of folders found in their Mac (like Pictures, Desktop, Documents, etc.) The software will display everything that is found in those specific folders in multiple view modes, as said above. 

One type of default Viewing method, for instance, arranges all images into small previews, offering users a good overview each one. Below this interface, a Play button can be pressed to easily change your view mode into a slideshow one. This mode, of course¸ gives you the opportunity to view the images after a set time has passed. Each photo or picture can be displayed in a larger resolution this way so you can get be better view of its details and other nuances. 

Other modes include Favorite mode, which lets you group together photos that you like by tapping the star icon below them. The other one (EXIF mode) lets you view the images’ details, particularly more information about it. 

The speed with which each image is rendered is definitely the standout advantage of this app. This isn’t something that you can normally expect to do on a Mac computer, but WidsMob is able to deliver this perk smoothly every time. It’s able to hold well when handling numerous images too, and that is most certainly a plus for individuals who have to work with lots of image files. 

The software gives you a lot more editing tools as well (a side feature that you can always expect from an image viewing tool with scope that is similar to this). You can, for example freely change the image up a bit by rotating, cropping, or flipping it. Otherwise, you can also settle for greater changes by adding various effects to the image. 

Pretty much all the image formats that are widely used nowadays are supported by the app (from png, jpg, gif, and jpeg to drf, nrw, svg, srw, and x3f, to cite a few). Your images (whether customized or not) can be swiftly shared on various social media as well. WidsMob, in short, wastes no opportunity to give users the features that they need to not only optimally view images but to manage and edit them as well. A must-try for professional or casual users who need a viewer and editor for bulk images

Published by Calida Jenkins