I was recently introduced to a lovely Australian author b the name of S.K.Levy. I read her book "Reigntime" and instantly fell in love, shr breathed life into issues about our planet that are normally hard to swallow.

5/5 Stars


17 year old Lexie Taylor is lost, things haven’t been the same since the death of her brother. She is spiraling further into herself when a new patient is admitted to the hospital where she is training. He is odd, uncooperative and gorgeous. He won’t eat or allow tests, all he seems to be interested in is Lexie, who squirms under his intense emerald gaze.  He slowly opens up to her and she is faced with a whole new reality; Myall isn’t human, Myall is dying and she is his only hope.

Would you risk everything to save someone you barely know?
Lexie has decided: You would for love.

This books was enchanting! An amazing show of old magic being present in our time. S.K.Levy has done an amazing job introducing us into the world of Reigntime, its creatures, language and history. She has set up a world that flows with magic and intrigue, once you delve in you never want to leave. I found myself looking back on it long after the pages had come to a close. 

The relationship between Myall and Lexie was beautiful, how it starts with them just helping each other to heal, and end up fall head first into an unexpected love. Lexie has made it her mission to save Myall, no matter what it cost her. Her task isn’t easy, she has challenges all along the way, and even after she saves him from the confines of the hospital her task is far from being accomplished. I love that even though they are in danger they still get to experience the magic of falling in love, making time to stop along their journey and experience some of Australia’s beauty.

I think that the characters are some of the best ever written. They are fictional and yet are drenched with a truth that is chilling and relatable. Lexie hasn’t had the easiest last year, her brother passed away and her family is still trying to heal. She is lost and closed off from herself, and yet she still has the strength to help others. Whether it be her best friend Jamie or someone she has only just met. Myall has been here since almost the beginning of everything, his lifeforce is his creations so he is in a sense Australia itself.  He is weak and must depend on the grace of a human to save him.  I'm not sure if that is what the author meant when she wrote these characters but it really speaks on the level of protecting the environment around us.

Being the first book in the series it leaves us on the edge, wanting more, wanting answers. What will become of Myall & Lexie?  I look forward to finding out in the next book

Published by Jessica Scott