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Well, I am Ashley, I like hugs, brunch and yoga. Yes, you can call me a Happy Yogi.

Hence my blog name that my husband and I picked: WILD YOGI. I know what you may think, its quite straighforward, right? I agree. My entire life is about simplicity and this is why I love Yoga and what it brings to me.

You may wonder what I am doing here on OiB? Click here for how Sabrina and I decided to rock the world together.

Here is my journey, pick what you like and make it yours. Yoga is all about self-love.


I love living life fully. You will agree with me when I say that we live in a fast paced world. We are in constant contact with technology and becoming less in contact with where we came from. Earth. Big Hug Mother Earth  ♥ (Told you I am a hugger ;p )

Some questions we all asked ourself at some point:

  • How can we keep ourselves in moderation?
  • How can we keep in constant contact with our minds, our morals?

Sharing today OiB an introspection on how to keep positive thinking up everyday & to stay alert and graceful.

I though I had it figured it out till...

To be painfully honest, I really didn’t care about anything outside my little bubble. I was more concerned with followers, having the latest thing, and showing it off rather than important issues like American gun violence or global warming. I devoutly care about these things now and would not go back. My mind was simply cluttered. How did I get to that mindset, though? If you can open your mind to more than just your Facebook, it can be easy.

 Lesson #1: Rise. Pee. Meditate

Every morning I wake up to the same morning ritual. When I wake, I take care of my body so nothing is bugging me through my morning meditation. Nothing is distracting me from creating my day.

Absolutely nothing.

I love to sit on the bed and snuggle in my warm blanket. Usually, my husband doesn’t wake as early as I do so I try to keep really quiet.When I'm settling down with my breathe, I imagine the sound of my breathe as ocean waves. The sound of waves crashing in and then going back out to sea. I connect a lot with the ocean so this is the easiest way for me to zen.
Your intent for the day can be anything you want it to be. For the longest time my mantra, intention, my vibe was really simple.

‘I am grateful to be alive today.’

I said that to myself for weeks. It’s not the most inspiring message, but at the time, it was all I had, all I needed at the time. And it slowly grew from there. I started really concentrating on the meditation.

'Meditation changed my perspective.'

I started to see that just having a roof over my head was a really good thing. Some people do not have shelter or food to eat everyday or a car to drive to work. I have these things. I don’t have much but I’m thankful for every hour worked of my life to get those things.

Meditation led me to these realizations. Mindfulness.

∴ Lesson #2: Blood Opposition, The Key to My Morning routine.

After I’ve completed my mantra for the day, I wake my body up with yoga. I always feel so much better when I do some yoga in the morning versus not doing any.

My head is clearer, less tired, more alert.

Can’t we all use a little more of that? Here are just a few yoga poses in my morning routine. Remember this is just a guide. I hope you can take these poses and create a wonderful morning ritual uniquely altered for yourself.

The body has been at rest and a standing forward fold feels extremely nice on the back and legs. It is a slow, gentle way to wake the resting body.

Blood rushes from the center of the body to the extremities causing your heart to beat faster which, in turn, pumps more fresh, oxygenated blood throughout your body. The oxygenation in the blood refreshes your sleepy cells. Experiment on yourself. See how you feel after a few deep, juicy breathes in and slows rise up. Be sure to roll through each vertebrae.

NOTE: Don't rise too quickly as it can make you very dizzy.

 Lesson #3: Always Take the Time

How do you feel? Do you feel more alert?

Downward Dog feels great on the feet, stretches the back legs, strengthens the tummy and opens the back.
Warrior One Variation gives the upwards blood flow, strengthens the legs, opens the heart and stretches the shoulders.

Yoga #position #organicisbeautiful #blogI save the best pose for last! Side Plank! I love seeing my body change. I use to not be able to lift my leg but yoga helped me build the strength to master side plank!

#Yoga #smile #inspiration

Finish with a gentle Extended Child’s Pose. I let my body cool down and say thanks to my mat.

#Yoga #face #body #fit

I hope this gives you some inspiration to come up with your own mindful morning. I hope you can create your own mindful intents and change the world!

Wild Yogi.

I'm Ashley, Texan Yogi + Blogger at WildYogiOfficial. And this is my Guest Post on OiB today.

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