Beautiful Humankind,

This is in regard to the Bangladesh Attack that took place on 02.07.2016 in India.

How mesmerizing are the pancakes on the table. You know, little love and a cup of coffee is what we require when we have the best buddies and the coolest weather. It was a chilling day.  Before I could take a bite of the sweet cakes laid before me, the thrashing arguments around grasped my attention. “Recite, recite the verses or else get ready to meet your death. Oh, Last wish. We don’t believe in wishes.” I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Firearms and sword I could see the next minute. From far I could see 7 of them holding weapons that I have never seen. I don’t even know how we name those weapons. That moment I realised that we are in the hands of terrorist.  Thoughts captivated me. I was frightened. More than frightening it was a thirsty feeling. Like I have heard of wars and terrorism, I’ve always scored well in history during my school days, I have read stories attacking the states .But then, I never thought there would be a day when I will have to overcome such barbaric attack. I never thought terrorists could be this bad.

2.07.2016. Not that the date was crappy, our fate was.

Mass shooting I could hear. Rather see. Before my eyes, a dad of 2 kids was spot dead. It wasn’t heart attack. That black hijab terrorist expelled him. I have seen them killing him before my eyes.  His kids, they were weeping hard. “Cute girls you are!” I smiled at them when I entered the cafe. Back of my mind, I had so many things to do. I had dreams, wide dreams. A picture of my dreams flashed before me. I felt senseless. That moment I missed everyone. Like everyone. The bombings were still on. People were rushing all over. A number of girls hid themselves in the washroom. A Muslim guy in the other end was sacrificing his life for his friends. I felt aghast. Also, I made an effort to realise, not all Muslims are terrorists. You know, worst day. That was my worst day.  Sad time it was. “Mom, I just wanna tell you, I’ll miss you. And listen, I hate your tears. And I love your smile. And and take care of yourself.” I texted mom.

I hugged my buddies who were with me. I hugged them tight. Mentally, I prepared a note. “Papa, I love you. You are my superherooo. THANKYOU DAD”. I smiled thoughtfully. “Bhaii Jaan, You can play my guitar now. Get excited dear. I won’t be there to tease you anymore. And take care of your love.” Next in the queue was my best friend. Before I could frame something for her, I analysed it was my turn to face afterlife. “Miss. Lady, Recite the Quran. Do it soon. We don’t have much time.” That thin hijab man shouted. “Bestie, you can still share your nonsense jokes with me. I’ll listen it carefully. And yes the problems, I will solve them in heaven. Can’t I?” I deeply spoke to myself.

“My God, Did Allah teach them killing in the name of religion?” I’ll get my answer in the heaven. “May the world have peace.” I exclaimed and took my last breath.

Published by Sakshi Sharda