Do you know what the best thing about trains is?

Well; If you’d ask me, I would say everything !

The human creatures.

The tumult. 

The constant shaking.

But, all you need is a little observation to appreciate all this.

Observing the people is the most fun part. You could meet really weird people in trains!

Everyone’s busy minding their own business.

But then, there are some busy minding yours; just like the man sitting beside me, seems way too much interested in what I am writing! 

Hope he reads my blog!

The other’s?  Lost in their own thoughts. 

But not me; I am lost in yours!

There is Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Adele singing in my earphones, but my mind  constantly listens to the music of your giggle.

There are birds flying, animals sprinting, children playing, mountains and valleys beyond the window, but my eyes are finding you everywhere.


Why aren’t the beats that used to give me goosebumps not melodious anymore?

Why isn’t the green widespread which I could gaze for hours not attractive anymore?

What have you done to me?

You have destroyed the joy I used to find in travelling.

You have destroyed my pleasure in observation.

There is only one place left where I would like to travel now !

The destination would be your heart.

Let my train of affection reach your platform of adoration.

Let my ears listen to the music of your laughter all night along.

Let my eyes observe every inch of your skin.


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