Sleek has been one of my favourite brands for years; the first mascara I ever bought was a dual ended one from them, one side of which was almost neon white and acted as a primer, the other side being jet black. Let's just say it took a few mishaps with grey eyelashes before I stuck to the black side only! Anyway, they have come a long way since then, and their recent re-branding of all their palettes has done wonders for their position in highstreet make-up stores.

For this post, I thought I'd crack out 3 of the newer palettes I own from them and give you a taste of what to expect if you've never tried Sleek shadows or blushers before. First up, the packaging. I love the feel of the newer palettes; they're smooth and sturdy, and in terms of size I feel like they have really thought about how to make their palettes the most lightweight and practical.

Similarly to Elf, they have chosen to keep their packaging all black, but instead of emulating Nars with the matte outer packaging they have kept theirs all plastic. As you can see they still get grubby, but that's nothing compared to what some of my Nars make-up ends up looking like.

The Eye & Cheek Palette

"See You At Midnight"

Ok, firstly please ignore the state of the mirror, but also take note of how big it is! Sleek brought out a few of these mini palettes that take a few shades from their larger palettes and smushed them all together in these smaller ones for more tailored looks. I fell in love with this one when I first saw it, and I have to say that I reach for this every other day. I don't use the little applicators, but to be fair they aren't a bad inclusion and don't take up too much space.

Antique is one of my all time favourite blushers, and this is the main reason why I reach for this palette so often. It's a gorgeous taupey bronze that looks really nice on slightly darker skin tones. It's unusual but the perfect medium between a bronzer and a blusher, and I love how glowy this makes my skin look - for someone who can live without highlighters this is perfect. Pomegranate I use a lot less and tend to reserve for nights out, but again this is beautifully pigmented and easy to blend on the cheeks. Every time I look at it I always think it would be a stunning lip colour.

The shadows are really interesting actually because when brands put palettes together they tend to pick shades that go together in one look. It's not that these don't make a stunning eye look when used together, but they aren't exactly subtle. There are no mattes and no transition shades, so whenever I tailor these to work for a daytime look I do need to reach for some of my other single eye shadows; just something to keep in mind! These don't have names but they are from the Vintage Romance i-Divine Palette. The gold is beautiful and I really enjoy this swept all over the lid or packed on in the centre, and I have to say that the chocolate brown shot with silver shimmer is stunning as a liner as well as in the crease. I like to use the blue packed on top of black eyeliner as it looks subtle but pretty, and the purple is nice to blend out and pair with lighter shades; it's less pigmented than the others but very shimmery.

The Au Naturale Palette

I adore the way this palette looks so much - without thinking about swatches, quality and wear time this just looks like the most perfectly put together warm-toned neutral palette. I never use the little applicator but I've left it in there for photo purposes. There's a great mixture of mattes and shimmers but, as you'll see from the swatches, the mattes are a lot less pigmented and you end up having to use a lot of product to get the colour to show up properly.

Conker is stunning as a liner with a bit of mascara and a bold lip - I feel like that will be a key autumn look for me this year! Moss is another favourite of mine that is really easy to pair with any of the mattes for a clean look. I think that this palette is ideal for make-up beginners, but I'll admit that I think the matte shades do let this down a little because of how sheer they are.

The Up All Night Palette

Again, how beautifully put together is this? And the shade names are my favourite by far! I love the fact that although this is meant for a night out or special occasions, it's still really wearable and easy to throw on for everyday purposes too.


I have so many favourites in this palette; Manhattan is absolutely gorgeous, Prosecco is one I always reach for and the slightly pinkier shades like Kir Royale are so nice all over the lid with a bit of mascara for everyday wear. This is the palette I'd recommend to everyone because the quality of all the shadows is consistently excellent, the matte shades are easy to blend and useful for any kind of look you want to achieve, and the shimmers are perfect for any skin tone.

What are your favourite Sleek palettes? What do you think of their matte shades? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

Published by Avni Bhagwan