My friends and I went to Baguio last weekend. It was a short trip (and very tiring).

We left Manila at 1am by a Victory Liner regular bus (yes, we were trying to be budget travelers). It was, I think, a good 5-6 hours of travel, including the mini-stops we made in Tarlac and Sison. I might have regretted drinking that cup of coffee before the travel because I really envied my friends who were already snoring during the trip. And I was left wide awake.

We arrived in Baguio at 6-something am. It was pretty much cold there, as expected. But what I had in mind was far colder than it actually was (I was imagining more on a trip to Iceland or Arctic circle).

One big awestruck feeling in Baguio was the streets. Baguio is basically on top of a mountain so there were plenty of steps and slopes and I think I would easily die there from falling.

We went to have our breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins. And I know we tried to be on budget but I guess never on food. The food there was amazing and plenty and pretty much expensive (but it's the thought that counts, right?).

From there, we rode a taxi to our accommodation because we did have a lot of baggage (knowing we were only staying there for two days). Side note : the taxis there don't turn their air conditioners on. The drivers just open their windows and Voila! Fresh cool air! I also like the fact that the drivers really give you the exact change. But there's one thing that's been bugging me ever since we left. Out of the 10, more or less, taxis we rode through the entire trip, at least two of them have drivers who weren't particularly rude to us (ooopps, sorry, it's just what I've noticed).

Back to the story, we arrived at our destination with a churning in our stomach. It was not just from the call of nature but it was from the unexpected epic ride we had from the cafe to our accommodation. It was a roller coaster ride except you're inside a car. It was scary for me. I could really see the roof of the houses from afar and I wondered what it would be like if the taxi skidded and threw itself off a cliff. Anyway, we checked in at Babs Place on Hillside Road. It was literally a house on a hillside. There were a lot of steps since we were staying on the fourth floor but it really had a spectacular view. Like we could really see Baguio or some of it from our floor. I'll post a picture so you'll know what I mean.

There. Amazing, isn't it?

The room was spacious too. It has everything we need. It's literally a house. After sorting some things out, we left off and went to our next destination.

Our first stop was at the Mines View Park. At first, I actually thought that we were going to see some mines. But not everything is seemingly what we think it is. The park has a lot of flowers. I took some pictures. Then I noticed there was a sign of "No taking pictures of flowers" and I was like running towards my friends like I committed a crime or something. There was also this wonderful view at the top of the park, pictured here as the "top of the park".

Next stop was the Good Shepherd where we bought "pasalubongs" because I think it's really obligatory to brink back some of Baguio's delicacies to people we left at home. It was amazing to the fact that the store accepts credit cards. It was until then that we realized it was a bad idea to buy stuff before sightseeing.

Next stop was Baguio Botanical Garden. This time I was able to take pictures of flowers without feeling like a criminal. There were a lot of bees too so it's basically impossible to take a selfie with a flower without getting stung.

The funny part about our trip there was we thought we were heading towards the exit but in fact we were heading farther towards the opposite side like literally the end of the garden. It was like we were unintentionally hiking. We were drenched in our cold sweats because it was particularly humid at the time.

We went to have our lunch at Happy Tummy. The food was amazing but I was really focused on how amazing a cold water can do to yourself after a long tiring hike. The hilarious part about dining there was we got to have a selfie with Korina (from Rated K) because she assumed we were with the ones who asked for her picture (since we were eating on the same table). It was funny and really awkward. We smiled anyway.

After that, we went to the Wright Park. It was particularly smelly because of the horses' sh* (lol). But at least you could get to ride a horse. But I didn't because I'm so fat and I would pity the horse carrying me.

After that, we conquered the long steps of I don't know what it's really called. There were a lot of steps. Like "Why, Baguio? Why?" We must have taken at least two breath-catching, chest-grabbing breaks.

But I was able to take this wonderful picture below after that long flight of stairs.

In front of the place mentioned above was The Mansion. I was also able to get a picture of this amazing place.

But since it was rainy season, it rained at 2pm. So we had no choice but to go back to our accommodation and take 4-5 hours of nap (yeah, I could say we were not fit for this kind of stuff).

After the power nap, it was still raining. We were in the midst of contemplating between ordering food through delivery or dining outside. But we were in Baguio so we made our trip worthy and fought our way under the rain.

We had our dinner at the lovely 50's Diner. The place is really amazing. It has this 1950s interior style and atmosphere with the jukebox and all. Afterwards, we went to SM Baguio to do some grocery for the next day's breakfast. But it was already closed when we arrived and ended up shopping in a convenience store (pretty convenient). The rain had stopped at the time so we went to the Night Market where we didn't buy anything but food (it's the thought that counts when you're in Baguio).

The ride back home was scarier than before because it was already dark and you could see the lights from the houses down below and one wrong move of the car, you'd end up dead. We got lost too. It was truly a ride worth remembering.

We had a little "salu-salo" at the house where they drank alcohol and I kept on eating the "pulutan". We slept at 1am and woke up at 7am with English breakfast already prepared by our dear friend.

We took a considerable amount of time heating the water in a kettle just to have warm water for our baths because the water out there was basically ice-cold.

Then we went to Burnham Park and did a lot of cycling. There were a lot of cyclers there too. It was my first opportunity to experience traffic while I'm driving. There were cotton candies and ice cream everywhere. Then we went to ride a boat on a big lake. I was actually screaming the entire time because I'm not a big fan of bodies of water and I thought someone would accompany us while steering the boat. It was fun, at the same time, terrifying.

It took me and my friends a lot of maneuvers to take this perfect view below.

We ate our lunch at Vizco's Cafe and had their amazing Strawberry shortcake (it was only then that I found out what a shortcake really means).

Then we went to a church and ended our trip at SM Baguio where we did nothing but took a selfie with an Oppo mascot.

It was an amazing and tiring trip. Baguio is wonderful with a lot of picturesque views and delicious foods. There are a lot of climbing ups and downs. If I lived in Baguio, I think I wouldn't be this fat. But I don't so I'm gonna be fat forever.

I think the thing is, no matter where you go, as long as you're with your friends or loved ones, every trip is worth it.

And that's how to make a slightly awkward ending on my blog post.

Published by Jenny Lou Cruzado