Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers are a lesbian couple who have amassed over 600,000 Youtube subscribers. Many of you might not have heard of them before, but I'd definitely recommend checking out their channel 'briaandchrissy'; not only are they incredibly talented, but they're definitely an inspiration to me.


They began their Youtube account in 2012, and since then their channel has grown massively. They've also released an album 'Face Your Fears', and I must say they are both very talented singers, I'd recommend Bria's cover of 'Hello' by Adele- it really shows off her vocal ability. However they also make brilliant comedy videos; both of them are witty and their video ideas are very original, hence why many have gone viral; I particularly love their 'worst ways to come out' series. I really admire them as these videos always put a smile on my face, and you can tell that they're both very genuine and obviously mean the world to eachother.


Chrissy has also spoken out against revenge porn, sharing her own experience with this digusting act. Not only is this an incredibly brave thing to do, but it has made people more aware of the tragic effects on the victims that have had sexual content of them distributed without consent. Bria and Chrissy are definitely activists not only for banning revenge porn, but for the LGBT+ community. In Q&A videos, they have spoken about how when they were growing up and questioning their sexuality, they didn't have any femme lesbian couples to look up to, so I think they're such an inspiration to the young LGBT+ community, showing that you can have a loving, healthy relationship with someone of the same sex, not to mention be incredibly successful at the same time. And incredibly fashionable and beautiful- I love their red carpet look below, Bria always dresses to emphasise those gorgeous curves.


These girls are definitely a power couple, but are still so down to earth. I think it's so important that LGBT+ individuals and couples speak out and fight for equality, and Youtube/social media is such a brilliant way to do that. Of course there will always be negativity and ignorance, but people like Bria and Chrissy are the reason that more and more people are accepting their sexuality/gender identity, and they certainly helped me a lot. These two brave individuals make a very inspirational couple indeed.

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Published by Rachel S.D.B