Why is Valentine’s Day be celebrated with gifts? One this day we celebrate our relationship and rejoice in each other’s company more than anything. A timeless gift, then, such as a watch is anything but material. Watches outlast flowers, chocolates, and even clothes.

Confused about what to gift your loyal man that communicates your boundless love for him? One of the elegant  Valentine’s Day watches   is the most memorable and useful present. Here’s why you must gift nothing but a watch:

Reason to be on Time

It is not the clock on the mobile phone but the tick of the watch on his wrist that will remind him to be on time for the movie date or his other engagements. And agree or not, a man on time is twice as much likeable. Moreover, a watch separates the men from boys, as the latter are satisfied checking time on their phones.

Nothing describes personality like a watch

Thanks (or not) to smartphones, our wrists are left bare without a smart watch accentuating our personality. While watches might be regarded as dated or unworthy, nothing brings out the personality like a decent timepiece.

Men’s accessories, as you might know, are limited to belts, cuff links (if it’s a double cuffed shirt), shoes, and of course, the watch. Therefore, they shouldn’t only be functional but must complement the whole attire, formal or casual.  

The convenience of a watch

You cannot very well go to the beach, jump in a pool, go to the gym with a smartphone in your pocket, but a watch allows you to do all of them. Smartwatches have turned tables and now you can track calorie count, workout regime without having to set reminders.

A watch, unlike the smartphone, is not an instrument that leads from one unnecessary distraction to the other. It speaks functionality and inspires time utility.  Rest assured, nothing can help your partner manage time as simply as a good watch.

Something for everyone

Is your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband one of kind? Well, you can buy watches in India online from a plethora of designs for choice and styles that will match his style quotient effortlessly. Whether he likes analogs, chronographs, digital, or smartwatch, you have several options. Choose minimalistic watches by Fossil, funky by FastTrack, or one of the sturdiest smartwatches, Timex Command. And if you’re in a mood to splurge, you can go for a diving watch that he’ll keep forever.

Watches are the embodiment of confidence

Think about it; would you be attracted to a man with one of the best formal watches for men in India or the one without one? The watch is an accessory that not only issues style, but a confidence among the onlookers as well. A gift of a watch, then, this Valentine’s Day will add to his collection and add laurels to his professional and personal image. A well-thought out watch puts finishing touches to an attire and can even be worn as the focal accessory that radiates with his aura

Nonetheless, you must consider your significant other’s habit and style to get the perfect watch. Consider whether he would be hard to part with his new smartwatch by Fossil or a classic or a Versace by Timex. Irrespective, a watch speaks love like nothing else!


Published by Sumity Paul