I am usually quite a calm and understanding sort of guy, I tend to listen to people and take other people's views on board, but when it comes to narrow-minded individuals who should keep their big mouth shut, I have no time.

Case in point, the failed recent appeal from the Christian owners of a bakery in Northern Ireland stating that them refusing to serve a "Support Gay Marriage" cake to gay rights activist Gareth Lee was discriminatory, they did discriminate against Gareth, simple, case shut. 

Let's play this out, people argue that because of their beliefs as Christians, and because they don't believe in Gay Marriage, they have the right to refuse to make the cake. So, if we did allow this and people could discriminate based on their beliefs, what's stopping people discriminating against other minorities? How about I refuse to make a cake for a Christian saying "God is love" because I don't believe in God!!

It's ridiculous, and people arguing otherwise really need to take a look in the mirror and ask themselves, how would it feel to be refused something, or made to feel humiliated due to something about themselves that other people are trying to put you down for.

If you own a business and are serving the public, then you have to serve everyone. You can't simply pick and choose based on who you deem acceptable. Is it just me who thinks this way?

After the court ruling, Daniel McArthur from Ashers (the bakery in question) said he was "extremely disappointed" adding that it undermined "democratic freedom, religious freedom and free speech". So we are undermining his religious freedoms and free speech somehow? I think not, he is entitled to his opinion, I can see his reasoning behind his argument. However, the fact remains that the customer wasn't asking Daniel to change his views, but simply provide the service he is offering. You can't discriminate based on your own personal views of the world. 

A recent article from Melanie McDonagh in The Spectator, questions the "troubling logic" at the heart of the ‘Gay cake’ ruling , which begs the question, what logic is she referring to? I see no logic in refusing the customer based on sexuality. 

Melanie tries to argue that writing "Support Gay Marriage" could somehow weight on the conscience of the Christian couple. I wonder if Melanie or indeed the Christian couple understand, or even care, how Gareth feels knowing he has being rejected simply based on the one thing he cannot change or control. 

The snappy writer even tries to compare the call for supporting gay marriage to an absurd notion of kicking the pope, although I guess I forgot that we love nothing more than putting people down for their religious views, oh wait.

I really hope Melanie can see the error of her ways, although I guess everyone has the freedom of speech. Yet the freedom to speak hate and spout her religious views that are seemingly outdated for a 21st century Great Britain, are wasted on the majority.

I thought in this day and age, where we are such a rich and diverse collection of people, that this sort of religious bullying would really have stopped. Have we not learned lessons. There are enough people trying to do us harm and destroy our lives without us going at each other as well.

Religion is not one of my strong points, and I am not religious, but I would never condemn or disapprove of someone having faith. In fact, some of my family are Christians, but they also have learned to love everyone, no matter their skin colour, sexuality or gender. Isn't this what faith and religion is about? If not, I don't want anything to do with it.

End of rant...


Published by Craig Barton