I want to preface this by saying that, as a writer, when an idea hits, I grab out a pen and scribble it down as fast as possible. I think it’s important to be able to be flexible with creativity. In saying that, when I find myself struggling to be productive when I sit down to write, I find an organised space helps tremendously.


Reducing clutter is something that does not come naturally to me. As a self-confessed stationary hoarder who has a million and one pens and five notebooks scattered across my desk at most times, I have to actively tidy my work space before I start trying to work. Having a desk with drawers helps, and putting everything that you’re not currently working on away helps you focus on the task at hand. I often find myself feeling overwhelmed by having other things around, because it reminds me of all my projects, and inhibits me from focusing on the task at hand.


Buy pretty notebooks. Yep, this is a free pass to buy that way-too-expensive-but-oh-so-beautiful Moleskin you’ve had your eye on. I really, truly believe that writing in nice notebooks with nice pens helps immensely. I have quite literally been known to just not write at all if I can’t find one of my favourite pens.


Artwork artwork artwork. What better way to feel inspired than to have a beautiful painting, drawing or picture near where you work? I feel inspired by fellow creators, and I like looking at pretty things that make me feel peaceful while I work.


A segregated, relatively noise-free working area is very beneficial. Not everyone is able to have a whole room in their house as a dedicated office space, but having a desk set up somewhere peaceful, maybe with a window to outside if you can, will help your productivity levels soar. If noise is an issue, headphones are a great way to block out noise and focus on what you’re trying to achieve. 


These sound like simple, minuscule tasks, but they can really help you feel focused, calm, and ready to be creative and productive.

Published by Kahlia Tipping