It is the most controversial subject and often highly debated issue since the inception of Roe V. Wade which put into law the right for women to have an abortion.
And as the voices of pro-life conservatives and secular pro-choice proponents argue their sides, all too often throughout this heated debate there is one voice that remains voiceless, silenced even – the child in the womb.
Now, for all intents and purposes I am a man, and history has shown that more often than not men’s voices have been silenced in this debate, mostly by their female counterparts, primarily for not having the genetic equipping that would enable them to bear the “burden” of carrying a child in the womb.
Pleading their cause 
Nonetheless, I write to you today about an issue that is no doubt sensitive in nature, not to persuade you to become like me or spend time outlining the differences between what I believe pro-life or pro-choice really mean (testimonies from two abortion survivors have been provided further in this post that will help you to decide). Instead, I write with the purpose of opening my mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all those who are appointed to die (and have died). To open my mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and the helpless.
A common argument that is often posed by those in support of a woman’s choice to abort their baby is that it would be awfully traumatic to have a child you do not want. After all, the argument sustains, with so many unwanted and neglected babies in this world it would seem crueler to have a baby born in an abusive situation than to terminate the child's life before having reached that point. 
So, to begin with, I would like for you to consider the following four cases and as you do I will ask the following question:
Should these babies be aborted? You decide.
Four Cases:
Case #1. A preacher and his wife are very, very poor. They already have 14 kids. Now she finds out she is pregnant with the 15th. They’re living in tremendous poverty. Considering their poverty and the ever-growing world population, would you consider recommending she get an abortion?
Case #2. The father is sick with the sniffles; the mother has tuberculosis (TB). Of their 4 children: the first is blind, the second has died, the third is deaf, the fourth has TB. She finds she’s pregnant again. Given the extreme situation, would you consider recommending abortion?
Case #3. A white man raped a 13-year old black girl and she’s now pregnant. If you were her parents, would you consider recommending abortion?
Case #4. A teenage girl is pregnant. She is not married. Her fiancé is not the father of the baby, and he is upset. Would you recommend abortion?
The Reality:
In the first case, you would have killed John Wesley, one of the great evangelists in the 19thcentury.
In the second case, you would have killed Beethoven.
In the third case, you would have killed Ethel Waters, the great black gospel singer.
And if you said yes to the fourth case, well then you would have declared the murder of Jesus Christ! Shocking, isn’t it?
According to today's cultural standard, these women would have had every right to abort their child in the womb and would have received support and counseling in order to make an 'informed' decision. However, considering the extreme circumstances these women faced the lives of their children were spared. 
Adoptions from the Heart 
From my own experience as a foster parent and now an adoptive Dad to a perfectly beautiful, drug addicted born, two months’ premature daughter who spent six agonizing weeks in the NICU detoxing while my amazing wife tirelessly stood crib side each day at the hospital, I have come to know and take solace in this: "A father to the fatherless...God sets the lonely in families," (Psalm 68:5-6).
Now, I will be the first to agree that our American foster care system needs improvement especially after having experienced a heartbreaking loss through a failed adoption. But for the time we had with these two amazing siblings I can tell you that not only were they loved and cared for to the best of our ability but that they have been given a chance to live a good life with another wonderful Christian adoptive family who will give them every opportunity to thrive and grow as human beings despite having come from an unwanted and neglectful environment.
Now with regards to adoption, which I had mentioned previously, of course, it is costly. But so is buying a brand new car which when financed can range anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000 depending on one’s taste. The point is that with adoption you can see it as an overwhelming financial burden not to mention a huge financial responsibility but, and this is a BIG BUT, where there is God's will there is always, ALWAYS a way (see James 1:27)!
While I am extremely grateful to my daughter’s birthmother for choosing to give birth to her and for her birthparent's generosity in allowing my wife and me to become parents again, please, do not take my word for it when it comes to the sanctity of life in the womb nor my impassioned ‘pro-life’ beliefs.
Here are two personal yet poignant testimonies I want to share with you of two women who have been negatively affected by abortion yet persevered. One is a woman named Rebecca who was conceived in rape and another by a woman named Gianna who is a saline abortion survivor.
Here’s what they want to say to you.
Rebecca’s Story: Conceived in Rape
I was adopted nearly from birth.
At 18, I learned I was conceived
out of a brutal rape at
knife-point by a serial rapist.
Like most people, I’d never
considered that abortion applied
to my life, but suddenly I
realized that it has to do with my
very existence. It was as if I could hear
the echoes of all those people who, with sympathetic
tones, say, “Well, except in cases of rape. . . ,”
or who fervently exclaim in disgust, “Especially
in cases of rape!!!” These people don’t even know
me, but are standing in judgment of my life, so
quick to dismiss it just because of how I was
conceived. I felt like I was now going to have to
justify my own existence, to prove to the world
that I shouldn’t have been aborted and that I was
worthy of living. I also remember feeling like
garbage because of people who would say that
my life was like garbage—that I was disposable.
Please understand that when you identify
yourself as “pro-choice,” or make that exception
for rape, that translates into you being able to
stand before me, look me in the eye, and say, “I
think your mother should have been able to
abort you.” That’s a pretty powerful statement. I
would say never to someone, “If I had my way,
you’d be dead right now.” For most people, it’s
just a concept—a quick cliche, and they sweep it
under the rug and forget about it. I do hope
that, as a child of rape, I can help to put a face, a
voice, and a story to this issue.
I’m alive today due to choices made by our
society, by people who fought to ensure abortion
was illegal at the time—even in cases of
rape, who argued to protect my life, and who
voted pro-life. I wasn’t “lucky.” I was protected.
Rebecca goes on to say:
According to Dr. David Reardon, most women
who become pregnant out of sexual assault
do not want an abortion and are in fact worse
off after an abortion. (See www.afterabortion.org)
So most people’s position on abortion in
cases of rape is based on faulty premises: 1) the
rape victim would want an abortion, 2) she’d be
better off with an abortion, and 3) that child’s life
isn’t worth putting her through the pregnancy. I
hope my story will help dispel that last myth.
Learn more about Rebecca Kiessling, a family
law attorney, pro-life speaker, and homeschool mother
Gianna’s Story: A Saline Abortion Survivor
Gianna Jessen’s biological mother
was 17 when she had a
saline abortion in her third
trimester. Many Americans
don’t realize it is legal to have
an abortion throughout all
nine months of pregnancy. After
being burned alive for 18 hours in the
womb from the saline solution, Gianna was
delivered alive in an abortion clinic. As a result,
she has cerebral palsy.
Gianna weighed a mere 2 lbs. at birth and
doctors said she would never be able to hold up
her head, sit up, crawl, or walk. She began to
walk by age three with the help of leg braces and
a walker. Gianna doesn’t believe her cerebral
palsy takes away her life, but, rather, enriches it.
She walks with a slight limp today and even
runs marathons.
Gianna was placed into the foster care system
early in life, eventually being taken into a
loving home. She is a Christian who believes her
life was given to her by the grace of God. She
shouldn’t be walking, but more miraculous still,
she should not even be alive.
On April 22, 1996, Gianna testified before
the Constitution Subcommittee of the House
Judiciary Committee.
Learn more about Gianna’s story and her powerful testimony to Congress as a saline abortion survivor at www.giannajessen.com.
Judge not? 
Another argument that is made in support of a woman’s choice to abort a child in the womb or with regards to those who have already done so comes from others who passively assert,“Who am I to judge?”
While I agree that it is never permissible for anyone to condemn another human being for their choices nor ever allowable as Christians (see Mt. 5:21-22), we do have a moral responsibility to judge the behavior of others for the sake of the Gospel. Oftentimes an individual, in an attempt to shut the mouths of those whose views are pro-life will counter with what I like to call the “Judge not, lest ye be judged” card which also happens to be the most misused verse from the Bible (see Mt. 7:1). However, what those on either side of the debate have often failed to do is read further into this passage. Because if they did they would discover that Jesus was not saying we are to never judge but rather if we do it should be done righteously. In other words, only after we have taken that ominous log of sin from out of our own eye first then and only then will we be able to see more clearly before reaching for that tiny speck of sawdust in the other person's eye (See Mt. 7:5).

Please note that there is nothing more loving to both mom and her unborn baby than to reach out and counsel her against the spiritual as well as physical dangers of abortion with gentle and humble criticism
By the way, I wonder if anyone realizes or even remembers that Planned Parenthood at one time before they became a multi-billion dollar organization, had thought in similar terms?
“An abortion kills the life of
a baby after it has begun.
It is dangerous to your life and health.
It may make you sterile so that when
you want a child you cannot have it.”
—Planned Parenthood, “Plan Your Children” brochure, 1964    
Overcoming the odds 
Lastly, I would like to leave you with one final story from the viewpoint of two scared teenagers in the late ‘80s who had discovered one day just months before High School graduation that the young man’s girlfriend was nearly four months pregnant. Scared out of their minds they were absolutely convinced that their parents were going to "kill” them. 
But despite their greatest fears and even greater concern of how an unemployed teen with no goals and now a seemingly bleak future was going to support his girlfriend to include their unborn baby they nevertheless broke the news. As you might have expected this was not received well by either set of parents. In fact, the mother of the young girl became very angry and loudly protested against her giving birth to this child but not before reminding her how much she had ruined her life and her plans of becoming a great chef. 

The mom suggested her daughter have an abortion and needless to say took her to a pregnancy center nearby shortly after to receive counseling on her available options. However, the woman counselor at the center did something surprising. Rather than offer the option to abort she instead gave this young girl hope in the form of a tiny pin that she placed on the lapel of her shirt which represented the little feet of the precious life growing inside her belly.
Today, my wife and I are extremely grateful to the woman counselor for her kindness and understanding as well as her love for our son whom she has never met and who is now soon to be an "old man" at age 27 and working on the completion of his degree at a prominent university in Pennsylvania. While neither of us can ever imagine what our lives would have been like without our first born son I thank God nonetheless that we didn’t succumb to the pressures of the world in terminating his beautiful life in the womb.
All things possible 
Through my experience as a Dad to three amazing kids and a wonderful wife, I want to say that having children let alone raising them is no easy task. Parenting certainly comes with its ups and downs and is not for the faint of heart. I guess that’s why God gave me a strong woman in my wife to be my strength, but being a United States Marine for 20 years, I think, may have also helped a little.
Yet, when we understand God's love for children and his original design for the family unit then we too can brave even the most extreme of circumstances no matter how insurmountable the odds we face may be. After all, doesn't it say somewhere in the Bible that "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible"? Why yes, it does, right there in Matthew chapter 19, verse 26. Look it up!
To learn more about how you can be a voice for the voiceless go to www.180movie.com and watch an amazing award winning film on the hot-button topic of abortion.
Then go to www.heartchanger.com to see how you can get involved!
Thank you!
Run to win,

Published by Dennis Miranda