It has been quite a long time since I started writing - just six months(!) and my English was horrible, maybe now also it is! I wanted writing as my passion a long ago when I was fourteen but couldn't gather the courage to do so, the reason maybe, as I discover now, was I was lacking in my determination towards reading, not writing. Yes, you read it correct. I couldn't write because I couldn't read passionately. But now, as I have started exploring the beauty of the English Literature, the passion to read and write has arose in me. Earlier also I was reading but that was in the Gujarati Language - my mother tongue (Remember? I am from India). The Gujarati Literature was and is (though I don't read the Gujarati Literature often, now) also superb but I couldn't take a start in writing - you know how complex and weird our lives go! We often cannot predict them.

But now as I have started writing, stumbling and balancing again and again as I am accommodating myself to this new form of art, I am very content that finally I made it - the start. But as far as my stumbling is concerned, I am fortunate that it is helping me a lot to develop myself because I am learning new ways of balancing, only for you. You - the readers - are my greatest inspiration who nudge me all the time to cater at my best potential and to make my best potential at which I am catering further best! After all we writers are writers only because you love us, give feedback to us - sometimes criticizing and sometimes appreciating. Especially I love both of your criticism and appreciation. How fascinating this model is! as I get plenty of teachers and critics present at any point of time to hone my skills, and as both the teachers and students get what they want. It's the win-win situation for all. 

And I wouldn't like to be apart from you as you have become my family members. Doing all what my family would do for me and most importantly as I would expect from you - loving me. It is simply the love that makes me feel happy everyday and that's why I love to connect with you. But 'beware', this is just the beginning, I may also come to your home to thank you! for your love till now.


Published by NIKUNJ GAJERA