Since it's Friday and I've been away from home for more than a week, I'm in the perfect mood for a flashback.

Dushanbe has a lot of food discoveries in store for me, and it's all exciting. But it is in the morning when I get the strongest cravings. And when these come to mind, I am taken back to Wildflour.

Wildflour is up there on the list of the best brunch places in Manila. I must admit, I was not over-the-moon for it in the beginning. Not until I found out that they sell their breads and pastries (cakes and cronuts not included) half-off after 7p.m.!!! I did think that their doughy delights were overpriced. But at half off? I am sooo there as soon as the clock hits seven!

Expect a long queue, and why not right? Never mind that you'll get your hands on the day's leftovers, there are temptations all over the place.


One tip though, make up your mind when it's your turn at the counter. The people standing behind will give you that cold stare if you take too long. And if they run out of their favorite pastry because of you!


Grab the creme brulee bomboloni (center) and salted caramel knot (top left) when you can. These are beyond sinful!!


Anyway, going back to breakfast, this is what I am terribly missing right now...


A Vanilla Almond Latte

And choosing between...


A Bacon Steak Wildflour Breakfast (PhP 450)


A Sausage Wildflour Breakfast (PhP 420)


Both come with 2 eggs, done your way, crispy homefries and freshly baked toast. 

Ask them to toast the baguette lightly. Otherwise, it would be too tough to eat. Like the toast they served with my breakfast plate. We requested for another type of bread, and they gladly changed it to brioche which was also good. 

There are other breakfast items on the menu.



But on days like these?


It feels good to be a pig eating human. 


Wildflour Cafe + Bakery
G/F The Podium,
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center,  Mandaluyong City
(632) 5718588





Published by Michelle Africa