Rarely do I send out a word of warning, but today I am.  I am feeling great, and I have done more personal things for me as we enter into Fall than I have done for me for quite a while.  J have done so much nesting with food purchasing and preparing, laundry, and wardrobe realignment this weekend alone that I am happy, happy.

And yesterday, some of you may already know, I went through new stages of a major transformation.  It was major, it was exhausting, and, as all of us know, transformation is not terminal; it will continue.  Thursday night was a night of little sleep, sleep that was restful anyway.  The Soul was stirring big time!  All good!  Last evening, I slept a total of 9 hours, and today I am well rested and back on track.  More than that, looking at my calendar for next week, I had already planned that it was a rest and marketing week.  YES!  I will be back on a workout schedule starting Tuesday.  I intend to make it a very worthwhile week with sleep, healthy eating, rest, and exercise.  The rest of the time will be work, and I am happy about that.

This past week I had my second appointment with a new doctor…a D.O., and, so far, I really like him.  He will be my doctor going into Oberlin next year.  All of my lab numbers came back really good, and no appointment until March.  One final routine eye appointment in two weeks.  But it is all good.    He is in agreement that I am doing something right; I am doing a lot right.  Sleep and healthy eating are the foundation.  That is the result of probably 8 years of working with a wonderful holistic doctor.  A lot of hard work!  

It was also the result of leaving the world of Washington and corporate Wall Street.  Starting my business was the easiest and the hardest thing I have ever done.  Today, I do not miss either the government/political world or the world of traditional finance.  It is amazing that being on my own is leading to a greater abundance than I have ever had in my life.  Abundance is not just financial!

I have never until recently thought of myself as a creative person, but I am so creative!  And now, I am on the path of nurturing that creativity in myself and others.  Oberlin is where I belong…I want to be in nature, I want to be with healthy people who believe in sustainability, I want to be with culture, I want to be out of the rat race, I want to be me.  Yesterday’s experience with my next step in transformation really hit hard…in a good way!  I have totally put the brakes on timetables, and “should do’s”.  I am going with the flow of my own energy.  My mind, body, and soul know where I am going; there is no timetable; it is God’s time.    And this past week has pointed that out.

For those of you who really know me, and there are not many as I have kept it that way, know that there are concerns on my part with family.  But, this week, it is all working out for the highest good for everyone.  There is no miracle occurring; God takes the time to put all concerns to rest; this is patience.  And it is all working.

Health and personal being are coming into their own on all platforms.  Amazing.

And, over the last year especially, I have shed friendships/relationships that are not working, may have never worked, and moved on.  I try to be gentle, but it is never easy.  There are a few special people who are in my life…and I treasure each one.  But I help others; sometimes we become friends; sometimes we do not.  My role is to help and then help others…  Rejection on my part has never been easy, and I hold on too many times so as not to hurt the other person for I treasure friendships; but, rejection requires confronting the thoughts, fears, or feelings that hold me back until they no longer scare me.  I am there.   

The word of warning?  I have decided that I am willing to rest mind, body, and soul.  That rest will lead to productivity and the most successful leap of faith I have ever prepared for.  The warning is that I am no longer extremely efficient, nor do I want to be.  Your phone calls, your emails, your needs may take a little longer to become an urgent matter…you will be cared for by new transformed self…. and that makes me happy!

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