I was a bookworm. For as long as I can remember, there were always stacks of Berenstain Bears, Nancy Drew, and Harry Potter books in my shelves. The house was full of bookshelves, actually. To this day, we have rooms in the basement full of them and my bedroom still has two. Even in my home away from home in Ireland, I have stacks of books in my tiny room.

I loved being a bookworm. I loved exploring Pompeii with Jack and Annie and their magic tree house. I loved diving into the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I loved being entranced by dystopian worlds like Labrador and the Community (extra points if you know which novels housed these worlds).

As a child, reading fostered my imagination. As a teenager, it helped me escape after I found the world to be cruel and unforgiving. As an adult, unfortunately, those worlds disappeared.

To be honest, I can't remember the last time I sat down to read a new piece of fiction. Somehow, in the hustle and bustle of adult life and college life, I've lost my sense of wonder at the world inside a good book. If I try to take a moment to read, I've got a college assignment to crank out. Or I'm too exhausted from my day so, I go straight to Netflix. Or I have an article to read or a cat to feed or dinner to make or on and on and on. 

Just today, I discovered that one of my favourite novels as a child, A Wrinkle In Time, is being made into a feature film. And I got ridiculously excited. I remembered reading the first installment and running to the library to grab the next in the series. I remembered all the characters and the lessons I learned and the funny names of the different worlds within the book.

Then I went to Google and looked up all the information I could about the upcoming film adaptation. I read the Wikipedia plot summary to refresh my memory. And then it dawned on me that I could simply buy the book and re-read it.

Why did I instantly go to the Internet to get more information about a world I loved when all the information could be in front me with the push of a "Buy Now" button on Amazon? I've forgotten the love of reading and I'm ashamed of that.

There was a time when I could have borrowed 20 novels from the library and finished them all in one weekend. Granted, with everything going on now, there's no way I could feasibly pull that off. But wouldn't it be nice if I could even get one book finished in a weekend? Yes, I work weekends but, I could spend my evenings diving right back into those worlds I loved so much instead of turning on my laptop. 

I think that as we get older, we forget how to let ourselves escape the real world for a moment. Then as we get even older, we remember how it felt to do that and jump at the chance. In any way we can; whether that's drinking or watching TV or buying a new motorcycle that we don't know how to ride. And yet, it would be so simple to just pick up a new novel and jump into that world.

Now I know not everybody loves to read and not everybody spent their weekends at the library. But there's something about a good book that just makes me smile.

I don't set New Years resolutions anymore (let's be serious - do they ever go as planned?) but, maybe this year I'll let myself. Maybe I'll resolve to spend an evening each week pouring my soul into a new novel that excites me. And maybe my imagination will run wild again. Because I think that's important. To me, anyway.

Published by Michelle Teo